March Squares; the theme is #SpikySquares

Another new (to me) photo challenge!! This one is from a lovely blogger named BeckyB. I’m an instant fan because I see lots of cat photos on her site.


So you want “SPIKY“, eh?? I’m pleased to introduce you to my SPIKY pets! Well, SPINY anyway.

Now I just have to figure out how to make a photo square!




We always have a large crowd of mourners when one of our Spiky friends passes on…

could NOT get this one square!
We honored the Queen

For more on these Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bugs, please visit my blog. I write about them shamelessly…a lot!

Thanks for the Challenge! What FUN!




Don’t let the barbed wire put you off!

Names for WPC 1/7/17


She goes by several names…the Goddess, the Queen, “Diana”, or many just call her YIKES!!

Her official name is Extatosoma Tiaratum

In the 7 or so years I have raised them, she is my biggest and longest living Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bug so far (almost 2 years) and she is really amazing. He body is fat with eggs and if I’m not careful I will have a huge invasion of babies next summer!

You can read more about these amazing creatures on these posts…

Back to those BUGS!

Transmogrify for WPC


As for her REAL NAME, I simply lower my head and call her Your Majesty!

Mirror/Selfie? for WPC


This is about as close as I ever get to a “selfie”!

(seriously, who first coined that word???)


Photographing my bugs as the late afternoon sun hits their terrarium.

ChosenPerspectives on DETAILS for WPC

IMG_6919IMG_1423Details If you can get past their “alien horror movie” characteristics, up close my bugs have such amazing DETAILS!

Even more amazing is the DETAIL left behind after a molting!! Antennae, claws, legs, spikes, all perfectly hollowed out as this bug miraculously removes itself from its too-small skin.





Back to those BUGS!

One of my first posts was as a guest contributor to The Seekers Dungeon on the theme of Walking with Intention. It is one of the stories about my bugs. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Walking With Intention Day 20 by Kathie Arcide

Dinnertime #??? Rated “S”-for STRANGE




I love their little additional appendages by their mouth, to aid in eating I suppose, because their hands/claws are so far away from their mouths. Ingenious!!


For the short story (inside a long post) on these bugs, please read:

Walking With Intention Day 20 by Kathie Arcide