March Squares; the theme is #SpikySquares

Another new (to me) photo challenge!! This one is from a lovely blogger named BeckyB. I’m an instant fan because I see lots of cat photos on her site.


So you want “SPIKY“, eh?? I’m pleased to introduce you to my SPIKY pets! Well, SPINY anyway.

Now I just have to figure out how to make a photo square!




We always have a large crowd of mourners when one of our Spiky friends passes on…

could NOT get this one square!
We honored the Queen

For more on these Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bugs, please visit my blog. I write about them shamelessly…a lot!

Thanks for the Challenge! What FUN!




Don’t let the barbed wire put you off!

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15 thoughts on “March Squares; the theme is #SpikySquares”

      1. Oh wow! You have a special heart to love on these leaf bugs – we’ll all pet owners have big hearts and this is just a fun pet – the photo with the leaf bug draped on the camera – hahh

      1. It’s a daily challenge so you can send as many as you like! I’ll be creating the first mgallery hopefully later this week when I’ll feature everyone.

      2. Totally up to you . . the best option is to connect with my daily spiky post then there’s a good chance others will visit too. Or if it is easier to schedule just select one of my older spikes to link to.

      3. Becky – just wanted to say I am glad you do not use “inlinkz” cos they have lots of ads now and they use advertising

      4. Oh I’m so glad you like my approach. I did ponder the auto link ups, but I really enjoy putting together the galleries as that way everyone gets to visit on a day when everyone is included 😁

      5. Yes and I do have one comment about one of your galleries from a while back – but I will be by your site to share –
        But wanted to chime in real quick because I am not doing any more challenges that use inlinkz

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