Bird Weekly Photo Challenge-week 6 Woodpeckers, Flickers


As I sat here, last week, trying to write this post, I had a frustrating experience.

I was taunted…no other word works…by about 6 Flickers outside in various parts of my area. They were tapping, knocking, screeching, and imitating Woodpeckers, Quail, and that one sound they do that could be mistaken for some kind of jungle primate sound.

Taunting me. Teasing me. Harassing me, all while I combed my photo files for the hundreds of pictures I have snapped over the years of these guys!

Apparently, in the transfer to my new computer, I lost the saved bird files…a lot of them…And all I had left were poor quality rejects.

But, I can be rebellious and obstinate too, so here they are!!

Unfortunately, my all-time favorite was lost. I watched this pair of Pileated Woodpeckers dance around and around and up and down this telephone pole for almost 30 minutes one day. It was delightful, and sometimes hysterical, to witness their maneuvers, Some kind of mating ritual, I suppose? The original Pole Dancers!

These still shots are all that remains.

So in case no one else already included this, here are great YouTube examples of the songs and calls of each.






Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Woodpeckers | Sapsuckers | Flickers