A Photo a Week Challenge: Glass 4/13/2020

I LOVE Glass…all kinds…always have…fascinated from childhood on…blown away at 5 years old, watching a glass blower make little animals at the San Diego Zoo. Started collecting those animals, one Zoo visit at a time…had 50 or so by the time I reached adolescence…fell in love with Cobalt glass eye cups and medicine bottles (after an eye surgery at 6 years old).

At this writing, my collection of blown glass figurines is packed away so no good photos, but here are tiny samples.


An addiction you say? Well, probably. Undeniable proof? The Glass Museum in Tacoma is one of my favorite places on the planet, and the fact that I often give a trip to the museum, or a Glass Blowing class (held in a small local studio) as birthday and Christmas gifts!

My collection has become unmanageable, out of control so I had to put myself on Glass Buying Restriction a few years back…

Craig's list stuff 122
crammed into way too small a hutch



I have combed antique stores, garage sales, swap meets, etc. my whole adult life, and have found some real treasures.

Mostly bottles of all varieties…

But once people who love you, know you have a weakness for something, mine being blue glass, they have a perfect (and easy) way to find gifts for you, so my collection grew from bottles to all things blue.


And there have been favorites along the way…too many to show you so I picked these at random

the tiniest candlestick holders ever!

And this one I thought was an odd candy dish…until I got it home and really looked at it

It’s actually a “front door”
If you look closely, you can see hinges and the door handle


But really, my favorite use of this Cobalt Collection is designing playgrounds for my BUGS!





Chosen Perspectives on Rare for WPC

The color is certainly not RARE but some of these Cobalt bottles are.

I’m an addicted collector so to me they are not unusual, but I am always on the lookout for that one truly rare piece.

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t love blue. It’s more to me than just a favorite color. I am moved by blue; all shades but cobalt especially.

I still have my very first piece of cobalt glass. It was a prescription bottle that contained medicine for an eye infection. I was six years old. I was miserable but instantly calmed as that dangerous looking medicine box was opened to reveal this magical flash of color…a Cobalt bottle.

I was distracted from my awe for a moment when they told me what came next. Eye drops? I was to voluntarily hold my eyes open so that someone could drop unknown liquid into them? I don’t think so. But then the thoughtless threat from a tired parent…”Do you want to go BLIND?”

I looked at that intense colored, blue bottle, and took my medicine. I didn’t ever want to not be able to see that BLUE! I have collected blue glass ever since. I have a lot of it.

Much to the annoyance of my well intentioned friends and family, I surround myself in blue. My clothes are blue. Every room in my home has a blue theme. My car is blue. My oldest grandson’s eyes are a STUNNING blue!

If I were to lose my sight, blue might be what I would miss the most.

Blue affects me.




Vibrant Obsession for WPC


Guess what I collect!

I started collecting when I was 5 years old. I had to have a corrective surgery on my eye and to encourage me to take the follow-up eye drops, my Dad wisely pointed out that I could keep the pretty blue bottle and eye wash cup when I was all done with the medicine.

I’ve been hooked on Cobalt ever since. My entire home is decorated around this vibrant glass. These photos represent a fraction of my collection…uh, OK…obsession.