Macro Monday 7/22/19

I was taught by my father to keep my eyes open and there would always be amazing things to see, even where you least expect them.

So just walking to my car, I spotted this in my driveway. Don’t know why but I thought it was beautiful.

(I do have a whole category titled Art is in the Eye of the….so I don’t assume you will agree.)

Do let me know what you think!


no idea what the clear bubbly plastic thingy is….

Macro Monday–June 24th, 2019

Don’t know if Macro Monday is actually a thing in the WordPress community (like WordlessWednesday?) or if it is just a cool prompt from Leya…


But since I love macro photography, I thought I’d post a few…I think they qualify?


rock found right in the yard!
20190430_121954 (2)
shy green spider
some kind of insect tracks on a rock


accidental close up of my sweat pants
even closer…
Closest! (I was almost afraid I’d see minuscule vermin in the cloth!)
Tiny center section of Gramma’s old plate…

Lens Artist Challenge 4/27/19 theme: Less is More

I always liked this photo. I loved the weird light from outside, and the way the moisture had collected itself on my window. But I always thought there was something wrong with the picture, something missing, something I needed to add.

Today’s challenge made me think of it in a whole new way.

Maybe it’s something I have to remove from it….making less more…

Here’s my experiment. Tell me what you think.

Cropping some of the dark strip on the left

These two are with the smaller dark strip more centered





20170224_172902 (4)
Final crop choice

I like the last one. It seems so much more full and alive with detail and color. And I like that it’s a little more difficult to identify.


Thanks for this interesting challenge. Now I’ll go out there and apply these lessons to my hectic day!