Spirit Lifters-Day 312 of being “Grounded” 1/12/21

You know, I really am not just a Pollyanna-type optimist. As a matter of fact, I subscribe to one philosophy that I learned from one of my favorite teachers, Joan Borysenko.

In an article years ago on Oprah.com, Joan shared this: My favorite quote is by the mysterious William Arthur Ward, whom Google does not identify: “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

I try to be an optimistic realist.

Luckily I had another teacher also, a Dad who taught me when I was very young how to Bloom Where I am Planted and that’s never left me. It has served me pretty well during this pandemic.

Here are a couple of Spirit Lifters for today, worth the time to view and enjoy. I learned a lot from both.

And this one from a Beach I frequented while growing up.



My House as a Life Chapter One

I am posting this again in response to V.J.’s Weekly Challenge on Windows.



My house has been added on to so many times we have truly lost track of the square footage….probably close to 4000.

But she was just a one bedroom cabin in her youth. Born in 1908, she was picked up off her foundation and moved up the hill in the 1930’s because she was sinking due to the underground springs beneath her.

She is by far, the oldest house around for many miles. I bought her in 1975 for $40,000.

Now, she has 6 rooms upstairs (2 bedrooms, a bathroom, office, living room and kitchen) and 9 rooms downstairs (3 more bedrooms, 2 more bathrooms, another living room, a laundry room, a kitchenette, and a large Therapy Group room/office). There is also a music/workout room in process making it 10 rooms downstairs.

She has 32 windows. From 20 of those, you can see other windows in the house.


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Time-WARNING to young women: rated R for terror

This seems like a great picture post for the them this week, “Weathered”.

But pretty shocking and embarrassing so be kind. (Smiley, winky emoji here!)


Time sped by this week. Time’s up tomorrow for posting on TIME. I had to work up my nerve all week. This will undoubtedly be one of my most frightening posts ever….(really scary for me but terrifying for women under 50 or so…)

I saw the actress Ali McGraw a few years back, maybe on Oprah, maybe along with Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton. The topic was beautiful older women (or over 60 women).

Ali McGraw said she had a secret to keep her face looking young. I’m sure the women watching expected surgical tips or miracle face creams but no. She lifted up her hair and pulled out this weird apparatus that was hidden there. As she slowly removed it, her face sagged more and more. With the faked tightness gone she looked much more her age, maybe older.

The women on stage with her were stunned into silence. It was a dramatic and…

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