Memorial Day, 5/25/2020

November 21 162

3 PM, this Memorial Day, go outside and listen carefully. Someone might be serenading you, honoring the setting of the sun, thanking you for your service, or mourning losses with you.

If you are a trumpeter, YOU go outside and play TAPS for all the others, right at 3 PM.


see more about this here:

On the Road with Steve Hartman



In case that video did not work, here’s another beautiful option:



Simona's12-10 102
Celebrating Freedom

Spirit Lifters; Day 79 of being “grounded” 5/24/2020

Well, I am still “staying home” but because I am now in our beautiful Mountain Retreat, East of the Mountains (as they say in our state), isolation is the norm here…so I don’t feel quite that same intense longing for contact that was rapidly building up back in the city.


Spring is so beautiful here in the mountains…different than the beautiful landscaped yards and gardens in my other neighborhood, which are bursting right now with chosen and planned colors.



Over here, everything is 50 shades of GREEN, highlighted and intensified as we leave the browns of winter and and head into the burnt yellows and golds of summer.



I love Spring here. So pleasing to the senses. Birds arriving with their songs, squirrels chattering away, the Wild Turkeys, well, their sounds are personal, having to do with Turkey Foreplay, so I won’t describe that.



It smells wonderful, clean and fresh, almost as if breathing deeply here could cleanse your lungs of bad air, and even a Virus or two.

And the non-green colors are all a surprise, it seems new each year.



I’m sure many of you are still experiencing many different changes in your lives, including a lot more time at home. I’m a crafts and hobbies Nutcase, and I NEVER have NOTHING to do in that arena…always a project to finish.

beginnings of a baby blanket for Great Niece!

I know others can’t even think of what to do to fill empty time so when I spotted this the other day, I thought it might be a good Spirit Lifters video.


Ideas for new things, hobbies to try in lock down


I’ve been enjoying all the music people are sharing, especially these delightful Covid 19 battling songs that folks are putting together online…so creative.

But today, I’m realizing the benefit of focusing on Spirit Lifters only works if we don’t use it to completely escape the reality of life today. We can’t afford to be tempted by the complacency or denial created if we live only in Happy Land.

So today’s song, an old favorite of mine, is a music video I have posted before. It has some beautiful images and subjects, however, it also contains some haunting ones….especially if applied to our current New Normal. See how many examples you can find that are similar to how so many of us are living these days.



And last, this wonderful episode of Some Good News, by John Krasinsky.



Take care and let me know in the Comments section how you are doing, and if any of these Spirit Lifters have been helpful!

Photo a Week Challenge: Just for fun and Spirit Lifters Day 51 of being “Grounded”

OK, Nancy Merrill’s challenge to share photos this week that represent “Just for Fun!” reminded me to get back to the Spirit Lifters series I started.

So here are some photos for Nancy, and then, some uplifting things for you to check out for yourself.

(Like how I am always giving you something to do? Pretty clever distraction, eh?)

Here are 3 photos of what we call around here, Spring Snow!


Next, I write a lot about the beautiful street I get to live on, but don’t say enough about my really FUN neighbors.


These folks always have something fun for every holiday, including a small tractor that pulls little kid-filled carts behind it, decorated and driven by Santa for Christmas, and someone scary for Halloween.

Apparently, even the city workers are getting bored though. I came across this fun scene yesterday…


Either confused, or high, or they are closet Graffiti Artists…

And one of the more uplifting, fun (and reassuring) beings in my household is Lucy, the Woodpile Cat. She is, as are many cats, such a creature of habit. I can count on her every  morning, to take a shower in the kitchen sink…

And to demand her exercise time every afternoon…

But do not be fooled. She is not all sweetness and light. The only place I can have fresh flowers in my house is the bathroom as she does not frequent that room.

growing wild all over the yard this year! Delightful!

And THIS Blog, by my sweet friend Lisa, is really worth a visit! Look what she found for us! It is wonderful!!!

Lastly, here is Episode 3 of John Krasinski’s SGN. It can take your mind of all bad virus-related things!

PS The photo at the top was fun…or funny, at least to me. I had just committed to fewer eggs in my current campaign to keep my cholesterol levels healthy. Cracked open my one egg and….well, you see it….TWINS!!

Nancy Merrill’s; Photo a Week Challenge-“Something New” 9/17/19

Well, for my response to Nancy’s challenge this week, I struggled with the topic because I was a Professional Childbirth Attendant for thirty-some years….exposed to someone new regularly! Despite what my title implied, what it actually meant is I had the privilege (and challenge) of being present at the births of hundreds of babies.

My certification was officially to assist Midwives in home deliveries, but because of my lengthy educational and training background in Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology, I was mostly invited to attend births, home and hospital, when we knew in advance there was a high risk; emotional, psychological, or physical. Examples were planned relinquishments, known physical problems, or pregnancies the result of incest or rape.

I always took tons of photos and some were amazing but of course, I can’t share them due to the confidentiality of my clients.

So, I am choosing to re-post something I wrote when I was very new to writing this blog. Though it is “old” to me, hopefully it will be Something New to most of my amazing readers.

I have a great excuse for what might seem a bit lazy in re-posting. I am house and cat sitting for dear friends in a slightly remote (and stunningly beautiful) location. AND I have a very ill computer. It’s so SLOW, I am wondering how any of us tolerated the old “dial-up” speeds we started out with. A lesson here in patience, for sure….

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece. It’s one of my favorites. It’s all about brand new.

(I still feel new enough to blogging that I don’t really know if this is even OK to do or if it’s cheating! 😋 And I don’t know if putting the link here is enough or if I should copy and paste the whole post here for you. Feel free to comment!)


Here it is! Something(s) NEW!

A Photo a Week Challenge-Yellow 8-16-19

First, the most prevalent in my library of Yellow photos…Flowers!


Next most popular…Yellow produce!



Then we have Yellow out in Nature.



And of course, all the Yellow we see in animals!



And last there is this undefined (undefinable?) category….



There ! YELLOW!