Lens Artists Photo Challenge 9/16/23 Small is Beautiful

Small really can be beautiful. Macro and close-up photography is my favorite! Too many choices so here’s a selection.







IMG_6736 (1)IMG_6758 (1)



Baby Bug




Bits and pieces of all the tiny treasures from childhood, turned into “toy Baskets”




A huge bouquet?

IMG_6715 (1)img_6717-1.jpg

Or maybe not. Found all these itty bitty flowers in a meadow along side a road!


Big to these guys but relatively small for “Bug Clean-up”




Dr. King and Dr. Angelou

90 Years ago, we were blessed with Maya Angelou’s arrival on the planet.

And 50 years ago today, we lost Dr. King.

Here is his voice to remind us…………


And if you go to the Google “doodle” for today (on their home page or maybe just google it 😉)….there is a stunning reading of the poem Still I Rise by Dr. Angelou and others…


Here are three things I have written about my experience about Martin Luther King, Jr.





Time-WARNING to young women: rated R for terror

This seems like a great picture post for the them this week, “Weathered”.

But pretty shocking and embarrassing so be kind. (Smiley, winky emoji here!)


Time sped by this week. Time’s up tomorrow for posting on TIME. I had to work up my nerve all week. This will undoubtedly be one of my most frightening posts ever….(really scary for me but terrifying for women under 50 or so…)

I saw the actress Ali McGraw a few years back, maybe on Oprah, maybe along with Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton. The topic was beautiful older women (or over 60 women).

Ali McGraw said she had a secret to keep her face looking young. I’m sure the women watching expected surgical tips or miracle face creams but no. She lifted up her hair and pulled out this weird apparatus that was hidden there. As she slowly removed it, her face sagged more and more. With the faked tightness gone she looked much more her age, maybe older.

The women on stage with her were stunned into silence. It was a dramatic and…

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