My House as a Life Chapter One

I am posting this again in response to V.J.’s Weekly Challenge on Windows.



My house has been added on to so many times we have truly lost track of the square footage….probably close to 4000.

But she was just a one bedroom cabin in her youth. Born in 1908, she was picked up off her foundation and moved up the hill in the 1930’s because she was sinking due to the underground springs beneath her.

She is by far, the oldest house around for many miles. I bought her in 1975 for $40,000.

Now, she has 6 rooms upstairs (2 bedrooms, a bathroom, office, living room and kitchen) and 9 rooms downstairs (3 more bedrooms, 2 more bathrooms, another living room, a laundry room, a kitchenette, and a large Therapy Group room/office). There is also a music/workout room in process making it 10 rooms downstairs.

She has 32 windows. From 20 of those, you can see other windows in the house.


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Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: 12/27/18

I LOVE this challenge.

See, I think I am pretty weird sometimes…what I see, how I see, and what I actually take pictures of.

This challenge frees me up in such a delightful way because you are primed to expect weird!!!

So here goes…definitely some oddballs I can’t classify any other way…


the irony here is THIS dog has been gone for many years…

I’ll take my Hummer sightings any way I can get them!



Old building in Seattle being completely preserved AND refurbished. Combine the highly polished original flooring with sheet rock dust and a construction worker’s wet-pawed dog.
amazing old tree


Beach Rock Bouquet
No comment. Too weird, even for me!

My Crows

Every morning…I mean every single morning, I go outside first thing and “caw” for my Crows to come to breakfast. I feed them bits and pieces of our meals from the day before.

I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

My neighbors think I am certifiable.


I have no idea how many families or generations the one or two crows who immediately show up represent, but I CAW, and they come.

Up there on top of the telephone pole, just like clockwork.


Then I say, “Good Morning. Here’s your breakfast.” I toss the food on the grass and before I am all the way turned around, they are on it.

They don’t like me to watch them eat.


But the pole has been crowded lately…




Hope they don’t leave for another restaurant with all these newcomers!