Motivator More Powerful Than Fear

Came across this today from one of my favorite Photo Artists!
Beautifully written!

Nes Felicio Photography

Fear is a powerful motivator.

When one is afraid of something, no amount of logic can overcome it.

We’ve all had that experience, being gripped by fear. It takes over our mind, it directs our actions. Nothing else matters.

It’s just how we are wired — everything goes through the “emotional” brain before it gets to the “logical” brain.

Useful for survival when our great ancestors were in the forest or safari, facing a lion or a snake. The decision was simple – run or fight. No time to analyze relative probabilities of the outcome of several options. All our being is focused on the next split second of self-preservation.

We’re a long way from living in caves, but our brain is still wired the same. So when someone expresses a view that I sense is out of some fear, I know it’s pointless to use facts, statistics or any…

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