The Sweetest Christmas Role Reversal ever!

I had the most delightful Holiday experience the other night.

It was one of those frosty ones we’ve had recently. They are still slightly rare here in the Northwest. I got home late, parked my car, went inside and unloaded stuff and then realized no one had gotten the mail. So, I bundled back up and trudged (well, it felt like trudging) back outside in the freezing cold to collect bills and hopefully, some holiday cards, from the mailbox. When I turned around to come back in, I decided to stop for a moment and look up to enjoy the stars that are so visible on this kind of crisp, clear night. As I’d hoped, they were stunning. But, what caught my eye was something in the tops of the two giant old trees in front of the house. There were a bunch, maybe hundreds, of white sparkles flitting in and on and around those trees!!

Instantly, in my mind, I was transported to a steaming hot summer night when I was just 7 years old. I was visiting my Aunt back in Prospect Heights, Illinois. I had a huge jar in my hands for collecting FIREFLIES!! They flitted and danced all around me, exactly like these were doing at the tops of my here and now trees.

I know I’m not crazy (at least most of the time) so I knew they couldn’t possibly be fireflies but what in the world were these pirouetting lights? Having just seen the movie Arrival, my mind raced with alien visitor possibilities. Or maybe it was some strange insect migration I’d never heard of. I even wondered about a flock of thousands of those mini drones, invading the sky above my house.

I ran inside and got James and he came out to see what I was so riled up about. He was also immediately blown away and we stood there wondering and guessing out loud.

Then, we both broke down into delighted giggles! What in the world??? What was this?? We were both so tickled!

I ran back in the house to get Michael (and my camera). I knew he’d never believe me if I tried describing it so even though he was already snuggled in bed with Netflix, I pulled the Mom Card and handed him his Robe. I was hoping the “swarm” would not take off before we could get back outside. He grumbled but came anyway.

Then the sweetest thing happened. Michael apologized…almost before we could even get outside. I guess my enthusiasm and wonder were pretty BIG.) He said, “Mom, I really don’t want to burst your bubble…but these are just someone’s Christmas laser lights.” I had no idea what he meant.

Sure enough, we traced the path of lights back toward probably our neighbors, the Jones’s, yard. James, ever the scientist, got it right away, when Michael explained how they worked. But, I stayed in denial for quite a while, a disappointed seven-year-old, bargaining for this to be a never-before-seen phenomenon.

“Are you sure?” I kept asking. “How could that be? Just look up there!”

Well, Michael was right, my bubble had popped but it didn’t really burst. It was still such an amazing display to see, all those pin points of light dancing in the tops of those HUGE ancient trees I love so much! I’ve lived here for over 40 years. I raised Michael in this house. Those trees were giant when we moved in and have acted as symbolic sentinels all these years. And now, he is raising his two sons here with those trees on guard.

Michael’s reaction to my childlike glee and then disappointment was so sweet and protective (thus the Role Reversal) but the best part came the next day. He went out and bought laser lights for all around the inside and outside of the house. That next night, he said “Mom, they’re baaack. Go look out your bedroom window.” And sure enough, a new Swarm had appeared, green and red this time, all over the two younger, but still large fir trees in the back of the house.

Delightful! Thanks, my sweet Son.


PS So sorry I don’t have visual aids as usual. Apparently laser lights are hard to photograph AND my site does not support video unless I “upgrade”. Otherwise I would embarrass myself for your entertainment by posting the completely black video of those lights, but with me squealing (and denying) in the background.

a few words about yesterday’s calorie filled Wordless Wednesday

If you saw yesterday’s post,

Another Wordless Wednesday slide show 12-21-16 (warning-VERY fattening!)

then you know my generous friend Michelle has to be one of the world’s best Grandma’s! What she does for her kids and grandkids is amazing!

The photos I posted yesterday are all Christmas decorations. She’s been doing this a while and creates a new one every year. Her rule is they have to be made with primarily “sweets”. So every eyeball, ear, rooftop, face, gown, hand, etc. is made from an edible treat. (NOT that they are eaten!!! Who would DARE after all her work?) Her display grows and grows and I am in complete awe of her dedication to surprising those kids with each new contribution.

img_8194img_8195This Santa is made from marshmallows, licorice and get this…That pink face is BUBBLE GUM. She had to chew it up for the right consistency!


img_8196When she did Frozen one year for the girls (above), of course then she had to do R2D2 for the boys next. (below)



The Fairy House is my favorite. It is this years production! (below)


This one even has a picnic outside and a Fairy inside and a flickering light (for firelight)!


The time it must have taken to attach every single gumdrop, orange slice, M and M, tic tac, jelly bean, Gummy worms, and peppermints, well, I think it’s a wonder. (That is a very small list of examples. She’s always on the lookout for candies that will work in her creations.)


I’m hoping Michelle will comment (and correct any mistakes I’ve made) and give us all more information about this love-filled “hobby” of hers!

What lucky grandchildren!!


No, not as in Dog-Speak but TREE BARK.

The wonderful friends I house and dog sit for live in such a lovely area. I spend a lot of my dog-walking time making my buddy Doogan sit and wait while I snap photos with my little old phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). But at this time of year I was just sure there wouldn’t be a single thing to capture…No flowers, no green, gray skies, etc.

I should have known better. I guess I wasn’t connecting with my Dad as much as I usually do when out in Nature. He would remind me that there is beauty in every single square inch of the world. You just have to look for it.

But Doogan pointed out what I was missing…by peeing on it!


What amazing variety, and it started me on a whole train of deep philosophical thought about beauty and skin and outer covering and image and, and, and…

Thanks Doogan!  BARK!

20161217_100714 img_8218


Song Lyric Sunday 12-18-16

So the theme for Song Lyric Sunday (this week) is to post a song that makes you feel better

My first choice is this delightful anthem from Cris Williamson. I always feel better after playing this LOUD and singing along with this wonderful choir of women!! I feel so connected! I dare you not to smile at the very end!!

Chris’s voice is so clear and powerful. I LOVE her joyous, sometimes poignant and always and “heartful” singing!

I have used Williamson’s music often in my work. And one time, I had the extreme pleasure of being at a Bonnie Raitt concert (she’s my favorite), when Bonnie invited local treasure, Cris Williamson, up on stage to sing Angel from Montgomery with her!! WOW!!


Song of the Soul

Song of the Soul
(Cris Williamson)

Love of my life I am crying
I am not dying, I am dancing
Dancing along in the madness
There is no sadness
Only the song of the soul

cho: And we'll sing this song
     Why don't you sing along
     Then we can sing for a long, long time
     Why don't you sing this song
     Then we can sing along
     Then we can sing for a long, long time

What do you do for a living
Are you forgiving, giving shelter
Follow your heart, love will find you
Truth will unbind you
Seek out a song of the soul

Come to your life like a warrior
Nothing will bore yer, you can be happy
Let in the light, it will heal you
And you can feel you
Sing out a song of the soul

Love of my life I am crying
I am not dying, I am dancing
Dancing along in the madness
There is no sadness
Only the song of the soul

Lyrics from


Relax by ChosenPerspectives for WPC


Two slideshows to facilitate the theme…hope they work for you…..

Here are my contributions….

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WAIT! I just took a bathroom break while writing this post and look what I found!


But if I really want to relax, it has to be in the presence of one of the following…

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To me Sunsets are Holy…to the degree that it feels sinful to not freeze in my tracks to witness and appreciate the statement being made by that which is unfathomably bigger than me…