September to November-M.I.A.

Where to start…hmm…I won’t drag you through the last few months…nothing profound really. I’ll just start with today.


We are well in to my least favorite time of year. Fall  in the Northwest is sneaky, tricky for me to navigate. In the other three seasons, my daily choice is crystal clear…be outside or be inside, but Autumn tells lies, almost daily.


It’s beautiful weather, so I leave the house expecting to enjoy all of the seasons best features, its colors and clear blue skies, easily tolerable medium temperatures, but during the short walk from my front door to the road, Autumn cackles out loud, and suddenly it’s 40 mile an hour freezing winds, filled with piercing raindrops.


And, to make me even more irritable during this time of year, it’s when my allergies hit the hardest. I don’t have any reaction to all the lovely parts of Spring and Summer, gently blowing waves of grasses, tiny drifts of golden pollen on my windshield, or beautifully blossoming trees.

Nope. I get to be allergic to the dying, moldy leaves of Fall. How glamorous.


BUT…since I am obsessed with the ability to shift my perspective, I will concede that Autumn is also my favorite time to photograph.


I was furious the other day when I finally had time to grab the camera and head out. I had spotted so many outstanding shots lately and wanted to capture some of that  COLOR.


But that nasty, conniving Autumn had a Wind Storm temper tantrum and stripped all the trees of their October/November costumes while I slept. Grrrr.


But this morning, as I walked across the long spans of grass to my neighbor’s house, these words came to me:

“Lovely, lacey, leaf-littered lawn”


I’m NOT a poet so I had no idea what to do with those alliterated words.


But it was beautiful, so out came the camera.



Today, I LOVE Autumn in the Northwest!

Checking in


Well, that may be the longest stretch of NOT posting on my blog since I started it way back when…well, I don’t actually remember when my first post happened.


But I have not posted for a whole month. And even then, and during the weeks before that, it was mostly the easiest post possible. (Thanks to whoever first coined the term WordlessWednesday!)


I do think about it all the time though. In my mind, I create what I think are clever photography slide shows, or I write interesting or inspiring essays. But real life, the one outside my internal process, has been loudly in charge for a while. (Oh, the pitiful list of excuses I could insert here…sigh…and the thing is, my life-interruptions are similar to every person’s on the planet this last 16 months so no special sympathy for me…)

I’ve barely had the time or energy to read my favorite bloggers either.


Self-centeredly, I do continue to check my notifications occasionally and am always pleasantly surprised to see a new follower. And a “like” on some older post can make my day!


I always intended to welcome each new follower (I still hate that word “follower”. I’m not leading anyone anywhere! OK, each new “reader”) And I even saved each new name, but somehow those numbers climbed to 628 behind my back!!!

Realistically, I know that number does not mean that there are actually 628 people out there is the world who, with great anticipation, look forward to checking each day to see what I posted….only to be disappointed. Most likely the number is closer to 3 or 4 who look occasionally, just to see if I still happen to be alive.


In hasty conclusion, because one of those life-interruptions is happening as I type, I long to be back at this more regularly.

Any encouragement greatly appreciated.


And here’s a slide show with left over photos:

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