Names for WPC 1/7/17


She goes by several names…the Goddess, the Queen, “Diana”, or many just call her YIKES!!

Her official name is Extatosoma Tiaratum

In the 7 or so years I have raised them, she is my biggest and longest living Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bug so far (almost 2 years) and she is really amazing. He body is fat with eggs and if I’m not careful I will have a huge invasion of babies next summer!

You can read more about these amazing creatures on these posts…

Back to those BUGS!

Transmogrify for WPC


As for her REAL NAME, I simply lower my head and call her Your Majesty!

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4 thoughts on “Names for WPC 1/7/17”

  1. Yikes is right! Why in God’s name do you have such a creature? It is like a praying mantis and twig bug combined? What is their purpose? It looks rather ominous and I’d not like that running around my house. To begin with I don’t like bugs even though I know they serve a purpose. (sigh) Great sharing though!! I learned something new.

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