Ordinary Life during Covid

So lately I’ve been struggling a bit with the cumulative effect of the last 2 years.


Since I have never been one who is easily bored (Thanks Dad*), being grounded by my Doc, in lock down, in almost complete isolation for the better part of 700 days, just did not bother me that much….or at least that’s what I thought.

I am easily entertained by life, so I may have missed some of the slower-building warning signs.


In the last 2 years, I’ve crocheted 5 baby blankets, adorned 15 hubcaps, dried a few hundred flowers, handmade 50 or 60 Holiday Cards, made 25 inspirational collages, read a few books, corresponded with many long-lost friends, exercised, worked on endless editing for a book 20 years in the writing, culled, downsized, and cleaned my household. That last one sounds so productive, but it was nothing compared to sorting, downsizing and organizing a life long collection of beads, buttons, fabric, yarn, and antique Cobalt Glass.


Oh, and I worked…actually, quite a bit more than I have in a few years. Clearly others were aware of the emotional and psychological effects of Covid sooner than me!

No, I was plenty busy and distracted!

What I have not done is my taxes. Too hard to figure out expenses and deductions for a huge home office and Group Therapy room that has sat unused, and pouting, because I abandoned it when I fell in love with Zoom…the only way I work these days.

When I have found the burst of manic energy it would take me to sit down and actually catch up on my deal with the government (by the way, I don’t owe them. They owe ME!) suddenly I am overwhelmed with a compelling urge to engage with Hulu or Netflix. I guess I should be grateful it’s my only addiction…well, unless you count those life-long collections I mentioned above.

Craig's list stuff 123

I have binge-watched more than 30 whole series in just under 2 years, burying myself in the characters and their drama in the way one can only when watching 4 or 5 hours in a row.  (picture blushing emoticon here…)


I have kept up my short daily walks though. You would think after living here for almost 50 years there would not be anything new to see, photograph or write about, but as I said, I’m trained to keep that small child, wide-eyed wonder alive and well.

big and little me selfie

Here’s a sample of the things that have stirred my curiosity or delighted that little kid still in me.

First, I love “Urban Tide Pools”!!

Urban Tide pools20211109_08161920211109_081418

Next, the big and little things I see on my walks…the heart rock I spotted on Valentine’s Day!

And lastly, the things I almost missed…



Primroses in the dead of winter…

All these things have helped me through the worst days of how we all have to live now. 


AND, I have been very successful at avoided filing my you-know-what’s!

Though I know it has to be temporary, I’m counting that as a win also.


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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

8 thoughts on “Ordinary Life during Covid”

  1. Taxes are not fun. They are not an escape or in any way, shape or form, a go-to activity. I haven’t started on ours either and a refund is in the mix for us too. It has been anything but ordinary – these last 2 years. It feels like a heavy blanket I can’t get out from under. I am impressed you have so many creative outcomes! Television and movies are helpful for slipping into an alternate reality. No harm in that. Hang in there.
    One other thing – I am also a big fan of “urban tide pools” as you call them. And that photo of you as a child? I did a double take. It is a very close match to ones of me from way back when, right down to the dress and the haircut. Crazy!

      1. HA! I know…those BANGS (shudder-worthy now!). When I was in 6th grade I insisted on letting my bangs grow long enough to cover my eyebrows. Drove my mother nuts. 😃

  2. So much accomplished in those 700 days! The isolation can wear one thin though, and just the “abnormal” state of living in a pandemic. I find our minds have shifted in a way that may last forever. I am loathe to be in crowds, my patience for being around rude people is zilch, I jump when someone sneezes. Nature has saved me through it all. Hang in there- and let your wonderful creativity continue to move you through!

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