Evanescent for WPC 5-24-17


soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
“a shimmering evanescent bubble”

Oh boy, I had to look this one up…maybe because I am the Queen of Holding On, of refusing to let go of stuff, especially love and also beauty…in any and all of its forms. And PEOPLE, don’t get me started. I hang on to people, healthy for me or not. I am still in touch with almost every boy I have ever loved!!

So I had a hard time “getting” the definition of this word…

synonyms: vanishing, fading, evaporating, melting away, disappearing;

I learn so many lessons from sea shells. Having grown up by the ocean, I have been a collector all my life. But it wasn’t until an amazing sailing trip throughout Fiji, where we got to prowl along beaches so remote it truly felt like we might be the first humans to ever lay bare feet in that sand, that I realized I was a shell snob. That was my first insight into my own ageism. I only wanted those gorgeous, undamaged shells. In other words, the young perfect ones.

Even though we had to receive permission from the chief of an island to collect shells, it was the locals who pointed out I was gathering shells that might not be finished with their life’s purpose yet. Most shells are recyclable! I was stealing some hermit crab’s future home or maybe a pearl’s gestation container!

But this post is not about shells. My interpretation of evanescent is about all things with a life cycle, no matter how short or long. My lesson from the word this week is to remember how the Fijians (the iTaukei) taught me to fully appreciate beauty at every stage.

It’s easy to see and appreciate the evanescent progression in nature…

I can see the obvious beauty there…

But it’s a bit more difficult when I study the phenomenon of Evanescence while looking in the mirror!

Time…….passing at warp speed now!

That’s all I can say…

Song Lyrics Sunday 3/12/17 TIME



Well, I’ve just spent an hour searching for the song I wanted to share. I thought for sure I could find a video with it playing in that haunting beach scene from the movie “Coming Home” but no luck.

So here is the song (and lyrics). If you are over 60, crank up your volume, hold onto your heart and get ready to be transported back…in TIME!



And here is the scene from the movie that comes up in my search and in my opinion, won Jon Voight the best actor Oscar that year.



Transformation by ChosenPerspectives


This is my second post for this challenge. Pauses and Clicks reminded me this morning of the whole challenge.  Before I had focused mainly on the “strange and grotesque” part.

Life’s Autumn Changes

This series of photos I’ve been taking of Hydrangeas best captures the week’s theme for me but it wasn’t until reading the above post that I got how truly beautiful this amazing plant and it’s blossoms are….until their very end.

How in the world does THIS…


…Become THIS???


The “Transformation” is both invisibly slow, as well as lightning fast. I took these pictures from April to June!

Here is a Transformation slideshow.

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But for me, the lesson didn’t stop there. I had planned on showing the photos of Hydrangeas at the end of their life to demonstrate how something so lovely can transform into “ugly”…but I read her post this morning and it completely changed my perspective.

NOW, I can see how the Hydrangea becomes MORE beautiful as it ages, stunning even…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, since I’m always looking at life through the lens of Generations, look what else I found!


Multi-Generational Living at it’s finest!!!

Thanks Pauses and Clicks!

(Now if I can just apply this lesson the next time I look in a mirror!)


PS Today is November 4th, 2016 and when I walked outside, here’s what greeted me!


Obscure Opposites from ChosenPerspectives 7-1-16

These are sort of examples of the Opposite of what you might expect………..

IMG_3649This Junco, who forgot to migrate, is singing like it’s Spring….

IMG_3683The bright green of this grass seems to be opposing the snow

IMG_3687Very late apple!

IMG_8580View from cabin on Hood Canal