Obscure Opposites from ChosenPerspectives 7-1-16

These are sort of examples of the Opposite of what you might expect………..

IMG_3649This Junco, who forgot to migrate, is singing like it’s Spring….

IMG_3683The bright green of this grass seems to be opposing the snow

IMG_3687Very late apple!

IMG_8580View from cabin on Hood Canal


My House as a Life Chapter One


My house has been added on to so many times we have truly lost track of the square footage….probably close to 4000.

But she was just a one bedroom cabin in her youth. Born in 1908, she was picked up off her foundation and moved up the hill in the 1930’s because she was sinking due to the underground springs beneath her.

She is by far, the oldest house around for many miles. I bought her in 1975 for $40,000.

Now, she has 6 rooms upstairs (2 bedrooms, a bathroom, office, living room and kitchen) and 9 rooms downstairs (3 more bedrooms, 2 more bathrooms, another living room, a laundry room, a kitchenette, and a large Therapy Group room/office). There is also a music/workout room in process making it 10 rooms downstairs.

She has 32 windows. From 20 of those, you can see other windows in the house.

Just think about that for a minute.

She is seriously, quite a character.


From this window I can see…


this window


And many other windows provide visual connections throughout the house.

It is often how I find my cats. I just check their favorite windows….

Seasons (just past) for WPC

Spotted this on our regular trail, driving through the neighborhood in Hood Canal, WA.


We were told in order to create this Holiday Display, it takes several freezing nights in a row, out in the dark, with the garden hose trickling on the trees, bushes, etc.


My Grandsons were fascinated and wanted me to take their picture. It wasn’t until later we discovered how the sun had lit up the piece of ice they picked up.



Seasons for WPC

Seasons  in the Northwest, especially the transition we are in now from Winter to Spring, are so unpredictable, labile, not necessarily related to the calendar..

One day it’s this!

IMG_5805pottery 1 002

And the very next day, it can be this!


My Grand-kids call this the Pink Snow (under the Camellia tree), that comes after the white snow.