Not sure how to do this. I may be horning in on a weekly challenge I wasn’t invited to but I found it so compelling to see the topic “unfocused”. I read it immediately following an ice cold photo session out on my deck in the pitch black.

When I woke up this morning, the full (or almost full) moon was setting in a position I had never seen before from my house. I know this doesn’t mean it hasn’t, just that I am a night person and am rarely awake to see a Moonset in the first place, especially in the dead of winter.

And I had never actually seen the moon in all these colors, more typical of what a sunset brings!

I came in the house thrilled with what I had witnessed but so disappointed that all my shots were “unfocused”.

And then, when I started my morning ritual of looking at my Reader, Lisa’s post on unfocused was the first one I saw.

So here are a few of my unfocused photos from this morning’s icy Moonset!


Not even sure what that building is in the foreground. Wish I had a real telephoto. This is just my old Canon Powershot. I’ve always wondered how photos are taken where the moon or sun looks outrageously huge! This moon looks like a giant fireball about to land in downtown Bellevue!

Thursday’s Special: Unfocused

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8 thoughts on “Unfocused”

    1. Thanks. Had to go out again this AM to see it. Not sure if I got any “focused” shots this time. Oh for a better camera. I could see the moon setting behind the cities of Bellevue and Seattle and then dropping down behind the Olympic mountains, all the while the sun was rising and reflecting in the glass of downtown high rises!!

  1. Lovely soft moon shots 🙂 You don’t really need an invitation to join a challenge. I remember when I first dipped my toe in the water and joined a challenge. Lots of fun when you get into it 🙂 Gives you a reason to take pictures, too.

  2. well, you gotta love it when ice cold darkness turns into a piece of art don’t you think? Is there one with your foot in silhouette wearing you know what?

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