Song Lyric Sunday, 9-11-16

I couldn’t write this on Sunday. I couldn’t even think about it on Sunday. I do not understand why the anniversary THIS year would be any more difficult than all the other years but finally realized, for 13 of the last 15 years since it happened, I have done something on the anniversary with all that grief. I have connected with others and we have used our grief to express gratitude, mostly to our local first responders, in honor of their brothers and sisters lost on September 11th, 2001.


We got up to 55 dozen cookies a couple of years ago…had to borrow neighbors’ stoves, had several cars full of moms and kids delivering cookies, etc.. There are 11 firehouses in our city and we made sure each got plenty of thank you cookies (Grandma’s chocolate chip recipe). Even made some gluten free options!

The kids also made thank you cards and we made old school Music CD’s with all the 9/11 songs we could find.


Our local fire fighters and EMT’s were so grateful and gave the kids such wonderful tours and attention!

Anyway, when I was trying to come up with a song for

Our theme for Song Lyric Sunday is to post a song that refers to a city/state/town.

I could not pick one place so here’s the song I decided on.

It did affect us ALL, everywhere!!!

(I very much prefer this song performed by my dear friends Riley and Maloney but couldn’t find a video of them.)

Be sure to listen until the song really takes off!

As for credit, here’s what Wikipedia says:

I’ve Been Everywhere” is a song which was written by Australian country singer Geoff Mack in 1959, and made popular by Lucky Starr in 1962.

The song as originally written listed Australian towns. It was later adapted by Canadian Hank Snow for North American (predominantly United States)toponyms, by Australian singer Rolf Harris with English and Scottish toponyms (1963),[1] and by John Hore (later known as John Grenell) with New Zealandtoponyms (1966).

Partners from ChosenPerspectives



JOY and Bandit

 Joy and Bandit.

Joy, a purebred German Shepherd, rescued from a materialistic breeder, and Bandit, a Mother’s Day gift from my son. These two were so close I think when Joy died at the ripe old age of 16, Bandit, only 11, was lost without her and he passed just a few weeks later.

Their deaths were such a powerful thing in my life. Their passings would have been huge for me anyway as I loved these two beyond reason. But they died in the middle of the longest stretch of losses I have ever experienced.

During that 17 month period we lost 11 people in or very close to our family, in unrelated deaths…one after another after another.

We absolutely could not catch our breaths! No breaks. Just constant grief! And so many funerals.

And then our other cat, Surprise, was run over by our housemate in our own garage. “Surprise”, the miracle cat, named because she was the runt of her litter and born almost 2 hours after the others. We were constantly surprised that she survived. Surprise was 26 years old!

When I tell you the dates of this stretch, I will accept any empathy (or sympathy) you have to offer as I still reel from these memories at times and will appreciate any support.

July, 2000 through December 2001.

911 happened right in the middle of all of this loss, and though I did not personally know anyone who died that day, in my raw emotional condition I took that tragedy deep into my heart and soul. In my private therapy practice I had 15 clients who did lose friends because they worked for companies whose home offices were in one of the Towers. They had each been there before. We all grieved together for a very long time.

The direction of this post has taken me by surprise…no place for me to put my usual humor or well intentioned sarcasm.

But hey, this is what the word “Partners” brought up for me. And since, so far these topics have been so stimulating and thought provoking, tomorrow, I’m sure, will likely be a different story….loaded with irony, provocation and my brand of humor.

Thanks for reading.