Weekly Photo Challenge-Repurpose


It started as a wood working art studio, a contractor’s workshop, and a music rehearsal room! In the photo above you can see the performance stage on the front. There is terraced seating up the hillside (off to the left). For almost ten years, local musicians, sometimes as many as 20, came to perform their original music at a good sized “Jam”! (enough of an audience to need several rented Porta-Potties)

But we needed space for company, so James worked his magic and built us what I call our “Bed and NO Breakfast”! (I ain’t cookin’ for no one!)


Casa Esmeralda-before and after re-purposing!!






Wanna come for a visit? Only thing is the turkeys come through at 4:30 AM during the longer days, having roosted overnight in our trees. They can be pretty noisy, especially during mating season!

I get to REPURPOSE a lot of Turkey feathers!!!

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Repurpose”

  1. What a fun blog post! Your Bed and No Breakfast is gorgeous….you never know this blogger friend you have might just take you up on that invitation someday. I’ve never been to the state of Washington and I’d love to see turkeys roosting in trees. 🙂

    1. You guys really must come and see Washington State! It’s really my favorite. I haven’t lived in nearly as many places as you but I have CAMPED in every single state (except Hawaii and Alaska).

      Washington is my favorite!! You are welcome any time!!

      1. I love your “repurposing”- so cozy and creative and those turkeys made me laugh. It is all so upbeat and it came through and made me smile

  2. I recognize the terrain … AND the turkeys. Bold they are, those turkeys. One decided to attack my car because I had the temerity to urge them to move out of the road.

    I love your land. Beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Marilyn. We have a few turkeys who stroll by close enough to the house they can see their reflection in the kitchen window so they will peck away at the bird they see!!! They are so big, I actually wonder if they could break the glass!

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