Time-WARNING to young women: rated R for terror

Time sped by this week. Time’s up tomorrow for posting on TIME. I had to work up my nerve all week. This will undoubtedly be one of my most frightening posts ever….(really scary for me but terrifying for women under 50 or so…)

I saw the actress Ali McGraw a few years back, maybe on Oprah, maybe along with Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton. The topic was beautiful older women (or over 60 women).

Ali McGraw said she had a secret to keep her face looking young. I’m sure the women watching expected surgical tips or miracle face creams but no. She lifted up her hair and pulled out this weird apparatus that was hidden there. As she slowly removed it, her face sagged more and more. With the faked tightness gone she looked much more her age, maybe older.

The women on stage with her were stunned into silence. It was a dramatic and pretty amazing difference. (It reminded me of childhood when an aunt who would brush my hair into a pony tail so tight, she would tell me, in her well-intentioned way, that I looked like a China doll.)

After a moment, a recovered, non-plussed Oprah said she thought Ali’s action was one of the most “generous” things she had ever seen a woman do.

I hope you see my personal photo sharing as “generous” and not egotistical or even worse, self-pitying. I didn’t think I was even mildly attractive until I was fifty!

ABOVE–Me at thirty, forty, fifty and fifty-five



Then the phrase the ravages of time comes to mind…..



I do not know what happened to the TIME. I do not recognize who this person above is. I don’t know what some of these body parts even are!

(Judy Collins singing in the background here…Who knows where the time goes…)

Here I go. I’m gonna push “publish” now Karuna!

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13 thoughts on “Time-WARNING to young women: rated R for terror”

  1. Brave of you to post. You’re beautiful even if your skin sags. I am under 50 so have yet to find myself there. I hope I continue to feel beautiful at every age.

  2. A very brave post although you have me totally stumped with the last picture. And I know what you mean. I was still being carded when I was 40, and looked a lot younger than my years for a long time. The last few years that has really changed. I feel like I often look a lot older than 67 now.

    Luckily it is what is on the inside that counts!

    I really laughed when I saw your last sentence. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Haha…now I know why you left the comment on my “time” post….we’re about the same age and both experiencing the same things! I don’t see a like button to push on your posts so felt the need to comment. Thinking I may have to follow your blog…we seem to be kindred spirits!

    1. What a treat to hear all this! My dear friend, who pushed me to do a blog, said this could happen, the kindred spirit thing! Thank you so much for your responses. I feel like I am still stumbling through the “how” to all of this but you certainly have inspired me to continue.

      Sounds like a wonderful walk!

  4. I am a careful and GENEROUS user of Photoshop. Garry says Photoshop ought to be a real thing so we can fix ourselves for life via the computer.

    Not yet.

    The good news is that our friends see us with friendly eyes. They do not fixate on our flaws. They really don’t. They love our faces, our manner, ourselves. We are NOT just the envelopes in which we live.

  5. So brave Kathie! I love you and appreciate your presence in my life. Can’t wait to read your book! I hope to wrap my arms around you again. Time. Where does it go? ♥️

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