Chosen Perspectives on Rare for WPC

The color is certainly not RARE but some of these Cobalt bottles are.

I’m an addicted collector so to me they are not unusual, but I am always on the lookout for that one truly rare piece.

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t love blue. It’s more to me than just a favorite color. I am moved by blue; all shades but cobalt especially.

I still have my very first piece of cobalt glass. It was a prescription bottle that contained medicine for an eye infection. I was six years old. I was miserable but instantly calmed as that dangerous looking medicine box was opened to reveal this magical flash of color…a Cobalt bottle.

I was distracted from my awe for a moment when they told me what came next. Eye drops? I was to voluntarily hold my eyes open so that someone could drop unknown liquid into them? I don’t think so. But then the thoughtless threat from a tired parent…”Do you want to go BLIND?”

I looked at that intense colored, blue bottle, and took my medicine. I didn’t ever want to not be able to see that BLUE! I have collected blue glass ever since. I have a lot of it.

Much to the annoyance of my well intentioned friends and family, I surround myself in blue. My clothes are blue. Every room in my home has a blue theme. My car is blue. My oldest grandson’s eyes are a STUNNING blue!

If I were to lose my sight, blue might be what I would miss the most.

Blue affects me.




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25 thoughts on “Chosen Perspectives on Rare for WPC”

  1. My mom loved blue and there was A LOT of it in our house when I was growing up to include much-treasured blue carpet throughout the downstairs. The very day it was installed I was working on an art project that involved India Ink and I spilled it on that brand new carpet. My parents had saved for years to buy it and I believe it was one of the few times my mom ever got really upset with me. Thankfully, we eventually got it out! Blue will always remind me of mom…and purple…she was also partial to purple.

    1. I’m pretty much a “jewel tones” person myself. I do love lapis, amethyst, malachite….colors.
      Oh my gosh that ink incident must have felt awful. So glad it came out of the new carpet.

    1. ironically, my best (and maybe most valuable) glass bottle came from Fiji. Climbed onto the beach of an uninhabited island, and there is was, in the shore break. They say probably from a sailing ship way back in the 1800’s.

      Happy Sailing Lisa (great blog!

      Is that a “pingback” that I just did??

      1. How cool is that. It is like that bottle was waiting for you! Thank you for your well wishes and for linking to my blog. I think it is only ‘officially’ ping back if it the link is to a specific post but whatever it is called, I greatly appreciate it 🤗

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