OneWordSunday Challenge 1-20-19 Blue

Spotted this new challenge but to be honest, it was really just the word. I can barely keep up with all the challenges these days.

But BLUE just popped right out at me.

Hmmm, let’s see. I wonder if I can find any photos in my library of something BLUE



If math was of more interest to me, I’d spend a day figuring out the actual percentage of pictures I take because of BLUE!!




Photo a Week Challenge: Blue 11/26/18

I know it will seem lazy or like I’m cheating, but I really do want to participate in Nancy’s Challenge. It’s just that I seem to do a LOT of posts on Blue and I’m not sure I can come up with anything new to share.

So here is one I did most recently…and at the end I’ve included several others I did on the topic Blue.

I do hope you will check some of the links out and tell me what you think.

Oh Wait! How about THIS??


What do you mean, “over kill”?


One Word Sunday Challenge: Blue 10/14/18

Can’t really resist this one as I live among as much blue as I can….slightly obsessively, my friends and family might tell you.

It is more than a favorite color. Blue truly affects me, inspires me, moves me to action.

I blame this on childhood.

But for today…Here’s an accidental shot I love, taken with new phone while experimenting with the close up feature. And on the right, what I wrote for a post on Altered Books, my theme being Blue.

I’ve posted on Blue so many times, I will put a short list at the bottom of this post.

Sometimes I tell myself I’m photographing birds or clouds or trees, but it was undoubtedly the Blue that got my attention in the first place.


By the way, we lie about the rain in the Northwest, to keep the crowds from moving here for the above Blue skies.

Can you guess my favorite flower?


I will snap a shot of anything Blue that catches my eye! (Can you guess what this is?)


Even my aging feet in their new Blue sandals will make me grab the camera.


But the Blue that has the most control over me…seriously, I am helpless around this…are my grandson’s eyes!!

Here are the promised “other posts”. I really do hope you enjoy them. It is just a handful of ones containing BLUE!

There! That should keep you busy for a while!!

I sure would love to hear what you think.


Chosen Perspectives on Rare for WPC

The color is certainly not RARE but some of these Cobalt bottles are.

I’m an addicted collector so to me they are not unusual, but I am always on the lookout for that one truly rare piece.

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t love blue. It’s more to me than just a favorite color. I am moved by blue; all shades but cobalt especially.

I still have my very first piece of cobalt glass. It was a prescription bottle that contained medicine for an eye infection. I was six years old. I was miserable but instantly calmed as that dangerous looking medicine box was opened to reveal this magical flash of color…a Cobalt bottle.

I was distracted from my awe for a moment when they told me what came next. Eye drops? I was to voluntarily hold my eyes open so that someone could drop unknown liquid into them? I don’t think so. But then the thoughtless threat from a tired parent…”Do you want to go BLIND?”

I looked at that intense colored, blue bottle, and took my medicine. I didn’t ever want to not be able to see that BLUE! I have collected blue glass ever since. I have a lot of it.

Much to the annoyance of my well intentioned friends and family, I surround myself in blue. My clothes are blue. Every room in my home has a blue theme. My car is blue. My oldest grandson’s eyes are a STUNNING blue!

If I were to lose my sight, blue might be what I would miss the most.

Blue affects me.