Re-booting the blog…

I went on a vacation. I called it our Epic Roots and Reunion Road Trip. I thought I would write something clever and entertaining each day like I read from others, but it turned out to be impossible to write. Every day was filled with unexpected adventures and absolute necessities, the latter defined completely objectively!

Now I am home and though I am still savoring many highlights from the 34 days we had on the road, I have no clue where to begin writing about it.

So instead of saving the best for last, I’ll start with the last important event we had, which also happens to be one of the very best!

I got to meet one of my very favorite Bloggers!!

It all started when her photography caught me eye. Each week, she’d post for the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge. I loved her photos, truly a talent, but even more, I loved her words and philosophy. So I started commenting on her site, then following her.

If you have ever had it happen, you know what a special treat it can be when you come across someone who articulates exactly what you think and feel, but a lot better! It makes for a great friendship!

I asked her once if she’d be willing to engage in an actual conversation with me about a particularly laden topic and I don’t know if she batted an eye, but her resounding yes was instant.

I think that exact exchange started a real friendship. We decided to do it in a phone call but then of course, life happened and we have yet to have that talk. But the connection has built anyway. And we will get to that talk someday.

While planning, I noticed on the map for the Epic Road Trip, we were passing right through her town on our way home so guess what? James and I spent a lovely afternoon with her. She is so sweet and kind and generous. She was completely prepared to make up the guest room for us, even though she had just spent 10 days or so caring for her grandchildren whose parents were busy in Houston in the Harvey aftermath.

Unfortunately for us (but maybe lucky for her) we were on a dead run from Mississippi back to Washington State so we all settled for a short but memorable visit.

I had brought her a piece of art she had seen in a picture on my blog and she gave me one of her photos, enlarged and stunning!


Here’s her blog.

One of my favorite posts of her is this one.

2000 Days

It tells about her personal Instagram a Day challenge but so much more. If you read the comments, you’ll see the seeds of our friendship germinating…

I dare you to read her blog and NOT fall in love. This is one very good woman!!


Blog rebooted!


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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

18 thoughts on “Re-booting the blog…”

  1. That’s so cool that you got to meet up. I also got to meet a couple bloggers when I came to the US this last time: Rarasaur, Bill Friday, Apoetic1 aka Nicole Allen, and Cheryl Lynn. It’s cool when you finally get to see what’s driving all of those great words you love.

    1. I KNOW! I’m so glad you got to meet them. (I love Rarasaur!) And next time you are here, I hope to (re) meet you also!! Since you were only about three feet tall the last time I saw you in person!! 😉

  2. Welcome back! It’s good you were too busy to write because you were enjoying your road Trip? I so hope I get to meet some of my blogger friends one day. Cheers,H

  3. Kathie, you know I love absolutely everything about this blog post! I got derailed by a family emergency so haven’t written about our meeting but I did post it on my Facebook page. Getting a hug in person from you and seeing you face to face was a wonderful experience and yes, we WILL have that phone conversation one of these days when the time is right! So thankful for our blogging world and for having met you through it. Technology is a wonderful thing and you taking the time to stop in to see me at the end of a very long trip was priceless!

  4. I enjoyed your post and can certainly relate. I stopped writing on my blog about a week before I left India, maybe more, and I have been back since September 16 and still haven’t written about the last parts of that trip. I love having Cheryl-Lynn from Traces of the Soul in my life. I originally met her on Sreejit’s blog, back before I had one of my own. We met in person at Amma’s Toronto programs and communicate by email often.

    1. You are the one who told me this could happen. And I am so grateful you did. There are several people I have come to care about and would like to meet in person someday!! (Lisa, Marilyn, Helen, Blair, and of course, Mr. Fish, just to name a FEW!)

  5. What an amazing post. I’m so glad you made it happen!
    I got closer to a few bloggers during an online course and we started connecting more often. One of them from Australia had a business trip in the UK, and we agreed to meet there. We stayed at the house of another English blogger, whom we had never met before.
    Luckily we got along perfectly well. The Aussie one came to Amsterdam with me and stayed a few days in my house too.
    We are still friends and keep close contact.
    I met two other bloggers from the same group when they came to Amsterdam on vacations.
    That’s a fantastic experience and it’s wonderful to hear that you had the same.

    1. Thanks so much. What a wonderful story. I’m so glad you shared it. Now, if I could just meet Mr. Fish and his lovely friends, like YOU, I’d be so happy. I am just such a hands on type of gal.

      1. How far are you from Madrid? (my only potential destination over there as my best friends live there!) And by the way, back acha! You know, in case you ever want to visit our Bed and No Breakfast in Spokane, Washington, USA!

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