Lens-Artists Challenge #90 – Distance 3/31/20

I have been watching the world from a distance since March 6th.

It’s OK though. I am used to some of it already.

I am living primarily in 2 large-ish rooms, separated from my family in other parts of the house. I have two windows, one for sunrises, and one for sunsets, so I’m fine.

And I can see 4 different bird feeders, so I’m good.

I can even see surprise guests sometimes.


But my most important Windows to the World these days are the ones I look in from the outside. It’s how I see my son and grandson (they won’t let me take photos). We’ve had some good talks this way, divided by such a small distance created by glass. (So close, and yet so far…).

And, it’s how I see Loki, the new Christmas kitten. We had just completely bonded and then I was cruelly isolated from him when my Doc “grounded” me to my rooms 26 days ago. 🙁


Loki, a couple of weeks before the virus hit


Now, my only contact is through HIS Window on the World.

Each day he waits for our window-visit

Then we play through the window…his favorite thing is if I hold up the fish video on my phone.



He has grown so much since we started this isolation.   Sigh…


Well, that’s my take on distance for today. You really should check out some of the other responses to this particular Lens Artist Challenge. They are lovely, inspirational, touching posts…I’m honored just to be responding to the same challenge!


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #90: Distance



And, in keeping with my  commitment to find something uplifting every day, to balance all the frightening news stories, I found this! It’s long, (15 minutes) but delightful (especially if you are an “Office” or “Jack Ryan” fan…)


And this:




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9 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #90 – Distance 3/31/20”

    1. Believe it or not, this is a 5 month old KITTEN. He’s a Maine Coon and will continue to grow for 3 to 5 years! They can get huge! Already bigger than my 2 cats so they just don’t know what to make of him!

  1. Excellent series. Very well done. M’lady and I have been self-isolating for nearly the same time. If we ‘only’ go stark raving mad from cabin fever, it will have been worth it. I suspect we’ve only just begun, though.

    1. Yep I bet you’re right.
      Well, hang in there and do something you enjoy every single day!

      We’ll all get through it with each other !

      I hear the Beatles (or Joe Cocker) in the background…

  2. Hope your isolation soon will end – and yes, somehow we will all come out of it in the end. Good that you have your own room – and still can see your family and the beautiful Loki.

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