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Ahh, to be thirteen again…and to be given complete freedom to decorate my own room. My Dad did that for me so I painted my room white and then, with a pencil, traced circles around plates, cups, and saucers all over my walls. I filled them in with pastel pink, yellow and blue enamel paint. (I also made striped curtains in the same colors.) I loved my room. It was such a peaceful haven in an otherwise tumultuous household. I could shift my mood by closing my door and immersing myself in the ambience I had been allowed to create.

When my son and grandsons moved back in with me I really wanted the boys to feel at home and so of course, passed on the traditional “freedom” to decorate their space.

Here’s a slideshow of how the oldest (13) chose to set up his room. It is filled with the dichotomies of his age and individual personality. I LOVE it! Enjoy the song below while viewing the show. (It reminds me of my Junior High/High school boyfriend, David Taylor!)

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My first reaction to some of his belongings was apprehension. His Dad (my son) was never allowed weapons of any kind, not even toy guns. That really backfired as a parenting stance. But I am not too worried about my grandson. His “weapons” are mostly decorative, and are nicely balanced with his other collections (Pez dispensers, sports stuff, art, guitars, etc.)

Oh and his “stuffies”, many from his babyhood.


These are his favorite Stuffies; a fluffy elephant (he had one in his crib from day one that played “Imagine”) and his favorite, a “Frankenstein doll”.

My grandson posed in this photo…can you see him?


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  1. I LOVE your grandson’s room and the fact that you remembered how important it was to you to have a place to express yourself as a teenager and you then gifted that to him. I also was allowed to decorate my room….orange shag carpet, an orange wall, flowered curtains that I made from sheets, large sheets of paper hanging from the walls that my friends and I could write on (I so wish I still had those!) and lots of plants. I even managed to convince my dad to cut the posts of my beds to give the room a “modern” look. (Cringe.) I loved the time I spent there….on my Princess phone talking to girlfriends and my first boyfriends, time spent listening to music ( I wonder how many times I played Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark!), writing, was my personal space in every way. Now that I’m nearer to my grandchildren my promise to them is to go help them decorate their rooms. Great post Kathie! It obviously brought back lots of good memories for me.

  2. They are lucky to have such a great grandma! His room is wonderful. I particularly like the photo of the stuffed elephant and doll.

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