3 thoughts on “WordlessWednesday 5/31/17”

  1. I’m guessing squirrel? Is it friendly at all? We had possums in the backyard of a previous home. The possums would eat bread from my hand, but could bite too. Their fur is soft but thick and waterproof. And they once desecrated my succulents! 😍

    1. Yep, it’s a squirrel. They climb the pole the bird feeder hangs on and chow down. I wouldn’t even mind that so much but they knock the feeder off, it breaks open and then they call all their friends for dinner! I’ve taken to coating the pole with anti-stick cooking spray and it works for a week or so. Hysterical to watch them run at the pole and jump up only to slide right back down.

      Now they think it’s an amusement park ride, just for them!

  2. I’m reminded of the nasty tasting stuff parents used to put on kids thumbs to keep them from sucking their thumbs. I remember discovering that you just had to taste the yuck for a few minutes and then it stopped and you had your thumb back.

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