Details, Details…unfinished Holiday Gifts!

I had the delightful experience during the holidays recently of feeling like I had become good enough friends with several fellow bloggers to send them trinkets for Christmas (or whatever)!

But I feel incomplete. I still have THREE more to send.

One blogger is deciding whether or not I am a stalker. Here is her gift.


Another person knows for sure I am stalking him but doesn’t seem to mind that much. Unfortunately, he is too far away to mail something to. I’ll just hold onto his gift until he visits us stateside. Or maybe I’ll just wear these in his honor!



And lastly, my most amazing new connection is in the middle of a huge move (after a life time of moving, maybe one of her LAST!) and I am hoping to hand deliver her tiny gift later this year when we will be vacationing practically next door to where she has moved!

I have a whole story from my Dad about THIS quote!

I know this is an obscure post with seemingly secret references but think of it as a mystery! I bet if you ever read my comments, you can guess who these three new friends are.

As for the three who already received their tiny gifts (Blair, Marilyn and Lisa) thank you again for trusting me with your land addresses. I love these newly forming friendships.

My friend Karuna was right. The Blogging Community is truly special! I’m loving it!!

Cyber hugs,


PS If you recognize your gift, let me know in a comment!




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11 thoughts on “Details, Details…unfinished Holiday Gifts!”

  1. I’m so very excited and humbled to recognize myself in this post!!! I can’t wait to meet you. Please be sure to let me know when you are traveling through so I can plan! And….my truck arrives in two days so I’m almost at the other end of this very long and drawn out move. Whew.

  2. Kath…Ha! Love it. So I’m assuming the cowboy boots with flowers is mine, eh? No? I LOVE the socks! LOVE them. You know, I do have a personal carrier pigeon…

    1. Well, send that pigeon over and I’ll load her up for the long journey back to you. Short of that, maybe I’ll send them home with our Spain partners this summer. They can mail to you from there much more easily than I can from here.

      Or wait, maybe I’ll just have a Badfish Shrine! That’s it! I’ll start with the socks, save Starbucks paraphernalia and hermit crab shells and, of course, find some THONGS…

      1. Do you have friends in Portugal? I have never been there, would love to go there and need an excuse.
        But yeah, a Badfish shrine works, too!!!

      2. My best friends live in Madrid, close to Plaza Mayor. Pretty urban lifestyle. Not sure it’s your cup of tea although they absolutely love it. Have their own little community and are in a Writer’s Group they love. (Both published authors) They are also both retired professors. It would get you closer to Portugal than you are now but not really the same thing. Want to talk to them?

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