Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 13–Look Up

In responding to this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge-theme “Look Up”, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of  two posts I saw.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: #13 Look Up

And then I was overwhelmed by how many choices I had in my own files that would be good for this challenge. Apparently, I spend a lot of time “looking up”…and snapping away!

I love all the references in both the above posts to perspective and how changing yours can change everything else also. That really speaks to me. So I am changing mine on this challenge. Nothing I have compares to the stunning beauty of these Cathedrals. Thank you so much for sharing those. But it all reminded me, once again, of my own favorite accidental photo. I have posted it before but will again for this challenge.

I’ll just add the words “look carefully” whenever you Look Up!

Eagle Peek a boo

In case you have not seen this before, (I post this photo a lot), I did not discover the whole content of the photo until I was posting it for the word Blossoms…





Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: #13 Look Up


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5 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 13–Look Up”

  1. Wonderful post. I often find ‘new’ things in a photo after I have taken it. Nothing as good as what I believe is the eagle in yours. Thank you. All my best.

  2. A while ago I stood at a tram stop waiting for a tram. I got out my phone to check the time and another older lady did the same. I commented to her a tram was on its way. She asked if I had looked it up, as in googled it? I replied “No! I looked up” I motioned down the road to the far distant tram heading our way. She told me that was very funny as she was studying a masters in technology and communication. Or some such. Ironic that the old fashioned way prevails? Cheers,H

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