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I went looking for photos of fences but just don’t have many. Then it occurred to me that I live in a neighborhood where there are none.

I like that.

My house is the oldest one around for many miles. It’s on a long, dead-end street. We have a neighborhood email and phone list. We keep in touch regarding unusual neighborhood activity (fake solicitors, coyote and bobcat sightings, lost or found pets, etc.) For Halloween and other holidays, the children (and now grandchildren) on the street are the priority with trick-or-treating and caroling! And next weekend is our annual cider-making party. We usually hand press about 50 gallons of juice from the apple trees my neighbor and I share!!

This is the boundary line between my closest neighbor and myself.

I mean, if there were fences, how could we wander through each other’s yards to see each other’s gardens, and to say Hi? Or to watch out for each other, or take a short cut to the next street over?

And how would we check on each other’s animals?


Henrietta, out of her protective custody…

and to photograph flowers?

or be inspired by yard art?


How would the deer get into our yards to clean up the wind fall apples?

I love my street and my neighbors. There just are not many fences on my regular, daily trails.

But I did finally find these in my files…

a house I lived in for a while many years ago…but the fence is new
this caught my eye on a drive last winter
watching sunrise from a nearby blue berry farm.


So my conclusion is apparently…Fences? For me, no thanks..



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6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge-Fences”

  1. Thank you so much for joining us!
    Beautiful neighborhood! I love the idea of not having fence in the neighborhood, but we have fences around… I love these your photos, especially the last one.

    This week Ann-Chritine is hosting the theme, please make your link here https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/2018/09/08/lens-artists-photo-challenge-10-fences/

    Four of us take turn to host the weekly challenge. You can find how it works here:

  2. I love your foggy fence. Our neighborhood doesn’t have fences either and we enjoy that. But your foggy fence reminds me that I have a few images of a fence somewhere in my archives too….on the other hand maybe I’ll just enjoy yours. (Visiting you from “A Day in the Life.”

  3. Sounds idealic? Apartment living means now I don’t see anybody unless there is an emergency evacuation? My last place I had a peach tree in front of my bedroom window. No fence, no peaches either. No respect. I imagine you live in an area where your neighbours have been there as long as you have? Same thoughtful/caring/sharing/respectful mentality? Sounds perfect. Cheers,H

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