Chosen Perspectives FACE for WPC 5/15/16

San Juan's 9-09 042

This is Ola. She is one of the world’s sweetest dogs. The Angel she wears on her chest is perfect for her. My sister and her husband rescued Ola to keep Lily, their aging, 3 legged dog company toward the end of her life.

San Juan's 9-09 020

We bonded with Ola when she was very small. We dog-sat so her “parents” (my sis and her husband) could go on a long trip.

Everyone thought Ola would grow up to be a smallish black lab mix, smaller than Lily……


Ola is still an Angel of a dog but there is nothing “smallish” about her!

Lily 44-25-07

And Lily, Ola revived her and kept her busy and happy for a good while.

She had a terrific life and we still miss her….


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  1. Ola definitely has a face to love and I’m fascinated by her angel marking. We have a really wonderful black Lab but Xavier hates to have his photo taken!

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