My friend Karuna calls it “leela”*

I’m house-sitting for friends. I’m searching casually at first and then as the days pass, frantically, for the stupid garbage disposal button. I don’t have a garbage disposal at home but this is a fancy place so I know there has to be one. Where is it though?? Not on the wall, in the cabinets, in drawers, under the sink, by all the other switches?

It is NO WHERE!!


Hmm, maybe this place is fancier than I thought so next I try talking to the garbage disposal. Hey, it could work….

Uh hello, Siri? Are you there? Oops, maybe it’s Cortana? Alexa? Someone? Can anyone please just turn on the dang garbage disposal?

Nothing and now I feel really foolish. I call James, resentfully. He designs and builds these fancy places so maybe he knows where this stupid switch would be.

He, of course, tells me to check all the places I have already checked. Then he says “text me some pictures so I can see what you are looking at.” Well, now I am pissed….but I do it.

Here’s what I am looking at. I send many pictures…


He’s no help.

I give up. I go outside to sit by the fancy pool to contemplate my next move. Should I stick my hand down in there to dig out the garbage? ICK, but it is starting to smell now.


Later in the day, here is what I finally see!!!


Hey wait, where the hell was THAT little button before???


*”leela”–Hindu word for God’s Play…..

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5 thoughts on “My friend Karuna calls it “leela”*”

  1. I do believe I have an over abundance of leela in my life. Garbage disposals scare me. Never had one as a kid, or ever, until now. And now the button, the one just like yours sits at the FRONT of the sink, right next to my body, or hands, so it would be easy to accidentally push it. Scary.

    1. Man some days, I long for a garbage disposal but, alas, (that’s how people talk who live in a house a old as mine) it is not to be. So I enjoy having one at our friend’s where I house sit sometimes. Are you back from your fishing trip?

      1. You can have one installed, you know, it’s no big deal…if you have room under the sink. I have a friend who just built a big new place, and didn’t install one. They still make garbage pails don’t they?

      2. I had one and took it out at one point. One less thing to to break down. I’m perfectly happy not having one.

  2. We actually compost here, in bins provided by the enlightened city we live in. So no need for a garbage disposal. Thank goodness, because I think my 116 year old house might actually have found a way to be Bulimic with anything I fed her through a disposal! Probably Projectile Bulimia. She has a mind of her own. But where I was house-sitting, well, I wanted to experience all the different options in a “fancy” home…like a trash compacter, a huge jetted bathtub, and a frickin’ garbage disposal!!!

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