The “Chosen” Future for WPC


If these “impossible” connections can happen…..


between predator and prey………..


between newcomer and homey…..

JOY and Bandit

between natural enemies…..


between famous and fan…..

IMG_6278 (2)

Then maybe in the FUTURE my sisters and I can reunite!!!

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

20 thoughts on “The “Chosen” Future for WPC”

    1. Thanks. I loved them too. It’s a crow who worked his way slowly over to the eagle and then they sat for an hour like that….right above my deck!!

      Where did you see this. I can’t find it on the WPC page?

      1. I follow you so it showed up in my reader. You need to add a link to the “future” page in order for it to show up there 😀

      2. Well, I live in the Northwest and this was on a trip with my grandsons to Hood Canal. We stayed right on the water and the deck is overlooking the canal. Beautiful!

      1. I went back to see what was beautiful. I couldn’t remember saying anything like that in that particular comment. Now I know what this reply meant! 🙂

        You are learning fast. All of us make mistakes…..

  1. OK, to Nancy, I thought it was a juvenile Bald Eagle but maybe it was a Golden. They look similar at that age. In any case, I just loved the fantasy that maybe because she was still so young, she thought could still be friends with a crow!

    We must learn more from our children!!

  2. To Karuna, and anyone else interested, the top picture is me with my Son and daughter…both at the same time…a miracle I never expected in my lifetime. (I raised one but not the other. Didn’t “meet” my daughter until she was in her mid twenties.)

    This is their second meeting with each other, EVER!

    (you guess right?)

  3. Reconciliation with your sisters is a beautiful choice for your future. A lovely post and response to the WordPress Theme. Thank you for sharing. 🌵

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