I’m tired of no words!! I want some words!! Apparently, because I am so visual and kinesthetic, (NOT very auditory), I need way, WAY more WORDS than most. (Probably one of the things that makes me a good therapist.)

I mean these Zoom meetings, and SKYPE Sessions with my clients are great, actually modern day miracles, in my elderly opinion, but I want to TALK with someone, lots of someones, and be able to use the rest of my senses in a conversation!!

I miss walking arm in arm with someone. I hate that the little kids in my neighborhood that usually run up and hug my legs (I’m everyone’s Grandma on my street), are now coached (appropriately so) to stay far away from me. I miss comforting a neighbor, friend or client with a hand squeeze, a shoulder pat, or a big, long, juicy hug!

Whew! Glad to get that out!

Now, onto my WordlessWednesday post.

Spirit Lifters; Day 34 of being “grounded”



Super Bad Transmittable Contagious Awful Virus! (a parody of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!) [Video]







Lots of them in the Comment section!!


Thank you!




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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

15 thoughts on “WordlessWednesday…NOOOO!!!”

  1. I’ve been having a very hard time forming words around the situation. I must have started ten or more posts (I’ve been following COVID19 since before it got its catchy name because my son is in China), but never been able to pull them together into a cohesive message. The news is so scattered, depressing not just in the number of casualties, but also in the depth of unpreparedness and incompetence being displayed at the highest levels. I get frustrated by all the people trying to predict the future when there are too many unknowns to do so. Also, the contrast between the very real threat and the beauty of spring unfolding and coming into bloom has a silencing effect on me.

    It is hard to face an enemy that you can’t really fight. Stay home, wash your hands and do extra housework doesn’t feel very active.

    I’m very lucky because I am not alone, I have my spouse and my pets, two dogs and a cat. My son was totally alone in his 7 week lock down, now over, and toward the end he was displaying (reporting really, since I can’t see him) symptoms of depression like not getting out of bed for 23 hours. Now the tables are turned: he is expressing concern about us. It is hard to be so far apart during this. I keep reflecting on how lucky we are today with technology that lets us keep in touch easily and instantly. During the flu epidemic people mostly didn’t even have phones to check up on loved ones. The combination of concerns and gratitude also seems to silence me.

    The pets are really important, not just because they are fuzzy little heart warmers. They enforce a schedule on us. I have to go out every day and walk the dogs, so I have to get fresh air and sunshine (sometimes that comes in liquid form).

    Probably too many words. But you aren’t alone. Even if you can’t get physical hugs, we are all in this together. So consider yourself hugged.

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    1. Oh boy, throughout my professional life I talked endlessly about our need as humans to be able to embrace dual realities…more like dueling realities these days though. I really got what you said, at least, as I understand and can relate though my version of the same.
      I’m trying to focus on my current sermon to the masses…and to practice what I have been preaching! I can CHOOSE which of the concurrent realities to focus on….choose my perspective. Neither will eliminate the other but there is a kind of balance and I truly believe in the energy we send out affecting the world in tiny, then bigger, then major waves…like that butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the planet affecting our weather.

      Luckily, we are having an exceptionally beautiful, clean Spring in the Northwest. Probably have a butterfly in Spain to thank for that…

      Going for a walk now. Wanna come along? 😉 6 feet apart of course.

      Thanks so much for your very articulate words!

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  2. “I miss walking arm in arm with someone. I hate that the little kids in my neighborhood that usually run up and hug my legs (I’m everyone’s Grandma on my street), are now coached (appropriately so) to stay far away from me. I miss comforting a neighbor, friend or client with a hand squeeze, a shoulder pat, or a big, long, juicy hug!” – Yes!!! I totally agree!! You worded it perfectly with your words, which I’m glad you shared 🙂 Very cute cat, and love the tulips with grape hyacinth!

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  3. I agree with everything you said. I miss 3 dimensional conversation and contact. Words seem to be drying up – becoming more elusive since this all started. It’s the weirdest thing. I feel as if I am on some level waiting for “it” to be over and meanwhile I am treading water.

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    1. I felt like that until yesterday when I realized this is the longest block of time I have had in years to complete several beloved projects. Motivation to start is, as you said, elusive, but I don’t like the feeling of waiting.
      Waiting for what?? The end? But then what? Nope, now is the blank time, and as I said to someone recently, the hormone the brain releases during “creativity” is the most powerful antidepressant we produce!! (I wanna say P.E.A. but can’t remember what it stands for…so I won’t!)

      Treading water is not enough. Got a surf board handy?? 😋

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      1. I will look for a surfboard 😎 as I’m waiting for…less distance. I don’t like the feeling either – maybe I’ll do what a friend is doing…clean out a closet. Ha!

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