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This might be a common response from those of us living in Washington State…I hear the word “narrow” and this is what immediately comes to mind. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

I have taken so many photos of this bridge over the years, way better photos than I show here…the towers disappearing into or poking out of thick fog, sunsets, etc. But these are my most recent ones, taken from Amtrak, on the wonderful train trip we took down the West Coast of the U.S.

This bridge symbolizes the unfortunate history of “narrow escapes” our state has experienced in so many ways. We have had more than our share of failed bridges, dropping cranes, falling overpasses, collapsed piers, crumbling tunnels and crashing tall-building elevators! So “Galloping Gertie” seems to fit right in with our local lore and legacy!

But this particular bridge is also really quite a sight to see at certain times of the year, or of the day for that matter.

Narrow for WordPress Photo Challenge

“Last Detail” by ChosenPerspectives


When my son was about 20, he picked up an old Porsche to rebuild. He worked on it for years, including finally finishing major parts of the body work while it was parked in his grandmother’s driveway. She forgot it was there, drove into her driveway late one night and totalled the car. He is 43 now and has hauled it around with him to every place he has lived…Nebraska, Arizona, and several places in Washington state.

At one point, in support of his project, I told him that though I didn’t much want to work on the car with him, I had a supportive parallel project going that was just about as time consuming, so I challenged him….a race to the finish line.

I won and I gave him MY project a few years ago.

That car now lives HERE at my home, along with my son and his two sons. He plans on the three of them finishing it together. I really hope so as now it has become a symbolic “principle” of the whole thing.

But I am thinking maybe I start a new parallel project and re-challenge him. What do you think?

Xmas09 032


Made with beads and my son’s great-grandmother’s mostly glass buttons.

Details for WPC #3

SAN JUAN'S 4-09 211Details

A very happy accident that I got while shooting hummingbirds. I almost threw this one away...Dang, all blurry, missed the Hummer…but with a closer look at the “details” I spotted the wing!

This might be my favorite all time picture and it was a complete mishap.

A great lesson here somewhere…..

Details #2-Balancing testoterone

I Live with SIX MEN!! Among them they have NINE CARS, two motorcycles, and five bicycles. There are piles and rooms and sections of my house and property that are filled with house-painting equipment, construction and carpentry tools, classic cars “projects” and giant workout equipment. This is how they would spend every weekend…

I don’t consider myself a sexist (in favor of either gender) but I cannot think of a female equivalent to the HUGE Mustang (Ford) Car Show I attended this last weekend, at least nothing with comparable sound effects! (I mean really! I needed EARPLUGS!! Every open hood meant these competitive THUNDEROUS revs! Would you need earplugs for a Quilting Show??)

So recently, to do some hormone balancing in my home (this is different than feng shui) I went into the only room in the house that is still completely MINE, my Group Therapy room and office.

I’ve had to do a lot of downsizing to make room for the newest male arrivals to my home (my son and his two sons), and in my culling, have come across a lot of saved bits and pieces from my Mom, Aunt, Great Aunts, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. So I took old lace tablecloths and made a backdrop to which I attached (with tiny white painted safety pins) all that feminine energy!

I can now sit in my pink swivel chair and look at the history of the women in my family through their hats, their hankies, their doilies, aprons, and their fabric, lace and ribbons.



Partners from ChosenPerspectives



JOY and Bandit

 Joy and Bandit.

Joy, a purebred German Shepherd, rescued from a materialistic breeder, and Bandit, a Mother’s Day gift from my son. These two were so close I think when Joy died at the ripe old age of 16, Bandit, only 11, was lost without her and he passed just a few weeks later.

Their deaths were such a powerful thing in my life. Their passings would have been huge for me anyway as I loved these two beyond reason. But they died in the middle of the longest stretch of losses I have ever experienced.

During that 17 month period we lost 11 people in or very close to our family, in unrelated deaths…one after another after another.

We absolutely could not catch our breaths! No breaks. Just constant grief! And so many funerals.

And then our other cat, Surprise, was run over by our housemate in our own garage. “Surprise”, the miracle cat, named because she was the runt of her litter and born almost 2 hours after the others. We were constantly surprised that she survived. Surprise was 26 years old!

When I tell you the dates of this stretch, I will accept any empathy (or sympathy) you have to offer as I still reel from these memories at times and will appreciate any support.

July, 2000 through December 2001.

911 happened right in the middle of all of this loss, and though I did not personally know anyone who died that day, in my raw emotional condition I took that tragedy deep into my heart and soul. In my private therapy practice I had 15 clients who did lose friends because they worked for companies whose home offices were in one of the Towers. They had each been there before. We all grieved together for a very long time.

The direction of this post has taken me by surprise…no place for me to put my usual humor or well intentioned sarcasm.

But hey, this is what the word “Partners” brought up for me. And since, so far these topics have been so stimulating and thought provoking, tomorrow, I’m sure, will likely be a different story….loaded with irony, provocation and my brand of humor.

Thanks for reading.


Very Last of Curve from ChosenPerspectives


I really am obsessed with this word “Curve”, and I guess I am not alone. There are so many entries this week! I thought I was done yesterday but I kept remembering other CURVES I really adore! So here are some more!

IMG_7122The Nautilus-one of my favorite shells

IMG_7125Curvy Shell Family from Fiji

But my real favorite Curve in the shell world is the ingenious Operculum. Defined in nature as a lid, a cover, or, get this, a trap door, it is a beautiful, smoothed by the elements, curved chunk of shell used by all sizes of  Hermit Crabs as their protective “front door”.

IMG_7127IMG_7131Definitely NOT one-size-fits-all!

In Fiji, the locals would keep special ones in their hands, kind of like a “worry stone”, constantly rubbing and smoothing it until the combination of friction and skin oil had it gleaming like a “cat’s eye”


They were also called the Shiva Eye, and they made them into jewelry.

“It is the third eye in the middle of the forehead of the Hindu God Shiva. Representing wisdom, it is thought to have the ability to look beyond the obvious. It symbolizes the flow of life, the constant change of the universe, spiritual knowledge and creative visualization.”


This is the other side, exactly how they end up on the beach, worn down to “door” size for a variety of crabs and snails.

If you could slice the tips of these shells off and then sand and polish the nub down to a button shape, you would have an operculum. And, on the flat side, you would see the swirl of the shell’s life and growth, sort of like the rings of a large tree.

OK, that’s really it for me and my Curve fixation. I’m done now.

No more curves………..


well, maybe just this very last example of Curves that “inspire” me…just for the Yoga part of it though. Honest.


This is my daughter-in-law’s big brother,

posing for a Yoga and Meditation Calendar a few years ago.

Pretty inspiring Curves, don’t cha think?

Last ChosenPerspectives on Curve for WPC



They are all so different….so beautiful. I took these pictures in a hurry so not that crisp but the Curves are endless.

I just realized this isn’t even my favorite shell.

And I already said this was the last post for Curve……uh oh.