Wordless Wednesday 3-16-16


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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 3-16-16”

  1. Okay, we came on again….wow have you added a lot. It is a bit, uh, interesting that you have more posts of bugs than grandkids…Wait! Maybe the bugs ARE your grandkids. But then what does that make Lucy, the Evil Seed? Not that you’d ever know it from these pictures. This is one cute kitty. Still is, rambunctious or no.

    1. Thanks for the re-visit. Trying not to turn this into a “face-book” type thing so no meal, daily household events, or grand-kid reports. Trying now just for entertainment, creativity, and hopefully, occasionally, even inspiration.

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