Not sure how to do this. I may be horning in on a weekly challenge I wasn’t invited to but I found it so compelling to see the topic “unfocused”. I read it immediately following an ice cold photo session out on my deck in the pitch black.

When I woke up this morning, the full (or almost full) moon was setting in a position I had never seen before from my house. I know this doesn’t mean it hasn’t, just that I am a night person and am rarely awake to see a Moonset in the first place, especially in the dead of winter.

And I had never actually seen the moon in all these colors, more typical of what a sunset brings!

I came in the house thrilled with what I had witnessed but so disappointed that all my shots were “unfocused”.

And then, when I started my morning ritual of looking at my Reader, Lisa’s post on unfocused was the first one I saw.

So here are a few of my unfocused photos from this morning’s icy Moonset!


Not even sure what that building is in the foreground. Wish I had a real telephoto. This is just my old Canon Powershot. I’ve always wondered how photos are taken where the moon or sun looks outrageously huge! This moon looks like a giant fireball about to land in downtown Bellevue!

Thursday’s Special: Unfocused