My favorite Weed

No, not THAT “weed”!


This one!


No idea what it is and I was going to pull them because they seemed to be aiming for Primrose Takeover. But then I really looked at them. Actually they are really pretty.

Any idea what they are?

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3 thoughts on “My favorite Weed”

  1. I didn’t think you were talking about pot. Your post just reminded me of that experience. I don’t know what the weed in your picture is but I have it all over my garden too. It gets ugly before long but I leave it alone while it’s so pretty.

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  2. It’s called Purple Dead Nettle and it’s a member of the Lamium or mint family. All mints have square stems; feel with your fingers, you’ll see.

    It’s called “dead” because it doesn’t sting like it’s relative, Stinging Nettle, but both are edible. The flavor isn’t impressive but it’s packed with nutrients so you can break off the top, tender inch of a few and toss them in a salad to impress your friends. The flowers are sweeter, try nibbling on one.

    As a professional gardener, I’m of the mind that if you like the look of it and it’s manageable, you might as well keep it, whatever it is. Plants decide where they want to grow.

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