Frustrating Friday

I am a bad blogger.

I don’t actually know what it means to have 568 “followers”…the whole concept of anyone following what I write is crazy to me.

But in case any of you have wondered why I disappeared, other than the fact that on top of the pandemic’s effects, I have been in an even harder Lockdown due to the fact that right outside my doors and windows, is AIR that I cannot, should not breathe!!

You would think that would give me even more blogging time, right? I was on such a “fight the pandemic” roll, posting all these wonderful “Spirit Lifters”. That was good for me because I was searching every day for positive reminders of the good in life. And I hoped it was also good for anyone who happened to be reading my Blog.

But then WordPress broke my Blog.

I have no idea where my photos have gone. I stumbled across them accidentally for my 9/11 post but now they are nowhere to be found. And even for that post, I couldn’t do a Featured Photo.

And don’t tell me to get “help”. I have tried that 5 or 6 times now.

WordPress “Happy Folks” (or whatever they’re called) don’t speak Elder-English.

I feel like that person who finally learned to drive a car, but with an automatic transition, and then finds themselves in a stick shift vehicle with no instructions…

Right now as I type there are 7 repeated “commands” on my page here: what the “f” does “start writing or type / to choose a block” even mean?? How would I write as opposed to typing??? What the hell is a “block”? How or why would I choose one?


Please don’t feel compelled to send me a bunch of solutions. I’m not asking for help.

I’m just fussing for now.

I will ask when I am ready….but you will have to be over 70 years old to volunteer answers, and you will need to be in (or have retired from) a profession that does not involve computers at all.

If you have had your blog broken also, and fit the above qualifications, we might speak the same language and I might actually trust your answers.

Sorry there are no photos to make this post more interesting…

There. Rant complete.

Comments appreciated!

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

10 thoughts on “Frustrating Friday”

  1. SO, I totally get where you are coming from. This happened to me a few weeks ago – forced into the block editor. But my photos were still there, just linked differently. What awful timing stuck inside with the smoke in the air. I might be able to help you, but I have a few years before I’m over 70…oh well! Don’t blame you for being pissed about it. I sure was. Good luck!

  2. I don’t fit your criteria…but I have noticed quite a few bugs in the new editor. Including it not recognizing a gallery created in itself! Also adding the featured image for a post doesn’t work consistently.

    You can just start typing (not sure why they talk about writing, unless somehow people with tablets can input that way) where you get that message and it will automatically create a paragraph block. If you click on the plus sign at the right of the message it will give you a list of other types of blocks. I have found that the image and gallery blocks I use the most don’t show up in the options most of the time and I have to click on the browse all, which opens a side bar with a plethora of blocks (most of which I would happily do without) and I have to scroll down to find the ones I want.
    I’d love to give them some feedback about how I want things but haven’t figured out how.
    The Weekly Prompts blog has some how-to articles about the block editor that are pretty user friendly: They also have instructions on going back to the older editor.
    Best wishes.

  3. I SO understand and appreciate your frustration. I find that my computer does weird stuff and I have no idea what I did. And when I just painstakingly typed a long note and it disappears it REALLY pisses me off. I helped with online 1st grade yesterday. Fortunately the 6-year-old knew how to run the computer. Isn’t fair

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