19 Years ago today…again

The Northwest is on fire today, as is California. So more than ever I want to acknowledge our Fire Fighters!
This is the letter I sent to my local Fire Chief today!
You all are my Heroes, although today, I think a better word might be “Warriors”.
Ever since the morning of September 12th, 2001, I have felt absolutely compelled and inspired to somehow recognize and thank you all for your chosen noble profession, and to express deep sympathy and empathy for the loss of your fallen brothers and sisters on that horrific day back in 2001. 
It was a pitiful acknowledgment 19 years ago, but all I could think of to do was to bake you some of my Gramma’s chocolate chip cookies. So, I did, and took them to all my closest stations. And the next year, I was joined by neighbors, and the next, by Mom’s who wanted to teach their children the importance of our local heroes, our fire fighters and EMT’s, and then the next year and the next, etc. 
Over the years, we got up 39 Moms and their kids, 53 dozen cookies, handmade thank you cards and notes, even a mixed CD with 9/11 Hero Music, all delivered 12 or 13 Fire Houses. Eventually we reached most Bellevue houses and some neighboring ones too. 
No surprise, we were greeted with gracious tours for the kids at each house. (I have to insert here, that by about 2009, we had several young single women participating with us, no doubt because the word had gone out there must be some kind of Super-Hunk requirement to work for the Bellevue Fire Department! 😉)
Anyway, this year I can’t bake cookies but more than ever, I want to honor this 9/11 anniversary, and to say thank you so much for what you do. For months and months, tirelessly helping us all during this horrible pandemic, and now, these relentless fires, and their life-changing smoke.
I know today, your hearts and thoughts must be with your brothers and sisters who are fighting so hard right now, all over our beautiful Northwest. I know I’m not alone in this but mine are with you too.
Love and gratitude to you all,
Thank a First Responder today
9-11 Twin Towers

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