Growth for WPC 1-3-18 (And WordlessWednesday)


Now that the weekly WordPress Photo challenge happens on Wednesdays, I find myself trying to combine it with my previous favorite photo challenge, Wordless Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesday has always been a great test for me because I do tend to be a bit wordy! (no…really?)

But today I can’t really find a way to join the two challenges together so try to ignore the non-sequitur-ness of this post…

Here is a slide show on Winter Growth in my neighborhood. I love seeing all the new baby branches reaching for the sky!

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And here is my Wordless Wednesday post.

I call it the Breakfast Club.

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I suppose if I could talk on Wordless Wednesday, I would say that my Breakfast Club is GROWING!!!

It has become so much more cooperative (and populated) every morning since the Evil Squirrels can’t climb the bird-feeder pole any longer. They tend to knock the feeder to the ground, often breaking it. And then they decimate the food supply. We installed a squirrel repellent “Slinky” on the pole and so far, it’s working.

Don’t you dare feel sorry for the squirrels. They get plenty, believe me! Those beautiful flocks of Finches (House and Yellow) knock plenty of seed to the ground for the Quail and the squirrels.

And when the Flicker shows up, he is so messy, there is a feast.

Even the Crows and Seagulls stop by for Brunch.

See? “Wordless” is a challenge for me!!

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

18 thoughts on “Growth for WPC 1-3-18 (And WordlessWednesday)”

  1. You know, unless you have baby plants or animals or just plain babies, no one seems to have been able to do this one. It is too specific to something for which I have no pictures. So I made up a story and posted pictures I like.

  2. Feeding wildlife is a sore subject. I actually quite like squirrels. They can be quite entertaining. Unfortunately the old ladies who feed the squirrels do not seem to realize that we now have a large rat problem. One of my neighbours even had the wiring on her car eaten!

  3. I always wondered if the slinky worked and for how long. Please report back and let us know if the squirrels eventually figure out a way around it! We had to start bringing all our feeders in at night due to the raccoons. Not only were they cleaning them out but one guy started bringing a side kick with him….a skunk! No way was I going to try to scare that pair away!

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