Photo Favorites – 2017 for WPC

2017 Favorites

Even though the pictures were not my best in terms of quality, I think I will remember photographing the pair of Bald Eagles who chose my neighborhood in which to hang out last Spring and Summer.


I could reliably find them most early mornings or late evenings in the tree right in front of my house. I swear, they were there to watch the sunrise and sunset each day, facing East starting just before 5 AM and back again later, looking West as the sun sank below the horizon each night.

I rarely saw then actually arrive or take off again so capturing this next shot was a thrill.



But the highlight for me came long after they were gone, off to wherever Bald Eagles Winter here in the Northwest.

I had developed quite a sense of safety and inspiration from their daily visits. It is easy to feel “watched over” by one of these majestic birds, and luckily for me, easy to define that experience as being protected (as opposed to hunted) during a particularly painful and challenging time in my life.

I have to admit, I was surprised by how much I missed seeing them every day.

In the late Fall I was composing a post about how dark and dreary it can get here in the Northwest, and how much I missed the brightness of Spring and Summer. I picked a photograph (out of hundreds) to show the beauty and light of Spring. and it was not until I was previewing the post that I saw my Protector in the shot I chose…still there, protecting me…


This is one of my favorite photos of the year, maybe ever.

And the lessons abound about looking at life more closely so that I don’t miss all of the beauty it has to offer.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Favorites – 2017 for WPC”

  1. I don’t know that they “winter” anywhere, but they do move on, usually to a place that has more of whatever they’ve been eating … fish, as a rule. They ARE fish eagles.

    And aren’t they magnificent? We’ve had them living here, too. The nest is still visible in the treetop, but the eagles moved on. They like the valley. Lots of rivers. Of course, it helps when we’ve had some rain and there are fish, too.

    Great pictures. That’s what I meant when I said that my “best” pictures were not usually my favorites. My technically best pictures are one thing, but the ones I love are usually something else. If those were my pictures, I would love them too!

  2. Wonderful photographs. The contrast between the focused blossoms (cherry?) in the foreground and the blurred eagle guardian in the background does give me a sense of being watched over, protected. The eagle as witness.

  3. Beautifully done! Stunning photos.
    It’s good to feel safe and protected and I’m glad that that is how you feel now, as your challenging times are over.
    My very best wishes for many more wonderful photos, spring weather abs fabulous year.

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