a few words about yesterday’s calorie filled Wordless Wednesday

If you saw yesterday’s post,

Another Wordless Wednesday slide show 12-21-16 (warning-VERY fattening!)

then you know my generous friend Michelle has to be one of the world’s best Grandma’s! What she does for her kids and grandkids is amazing!

The photos I posted yesterday are all Christmas decorations. She’s been doing this a while and creates a new one every year. Her rule is they have to be made with primarily “sweets”. So every eyeball, ear, rooftop, face, gown, hand, etc. is made from an edible treat. (NOT that they are eaten!!! Who would DARE after all her work?) Her display grows and grows and I am in complete awe of her dedication to surprising those kids with each new contribution.

img_8194img_8195This Santa is made from marshmallows, licorice and get this…That pink face is BUBBLE GUM. She had to chew it up for the right consistency!


img_8196When she did Frozen one year for the girls (above), of course then she had to do R2D2 for the boys next. (below)



The Fairy House is my favorite. It is this years production! (below)


This one even has a picnic outside and a Fairy inside and a flickering light (for firelight)!


The time it must have taken to attach every single gumdrop, orange slice, M and M, tic tac, jelly bean, Gummy worms, and peppermints, well, I think it’s a wonder. (That is a very small list of examples. She’s always on the lookout for candies that will work in her creations.)


I’m hoping Michelle will comment (and correct any mistakes I’ve made) and give us all more information about this love-filled “hobby” of hers!

What lucky grandchildren!!

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8 thoughts on “a few words about yesterday’s calorie filled Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I sometimes wonder if these are the skills that will be lost………some things deserve to be left where they were. Like, doilies on armchairs…..no way Nanna! But other things that only Nanna’s do?

  2. Hi- I’m Michelle. I created these candy creatures. I made the snowman the first year and little by little, the rest of them sort of just happened. I can’t build any big ones anymore. I’m running out of storage. Some candies, like M&M’s don’t work well. I use a glue gun to glue on the candies. The hot glue melts the shell and the soft chocolate inside won’t stick. Kathie forgot to turn on R2D2’s light…he also has R2D2 sounds, thanks to my husband. The Frozen castle also has a recording of Let it Go. I hope you enjoyed viewing Kathie’s pictures. It’s fun to see things you see every day, but from a different perspective.

    1. Wow, I thought I saw M and M’s but maybe they were Skittles?? In any case, I know I could not possibly remember and name ALL the types you have used. Thanks for your comment Michelle!
      Watch for your Santa’s next… 😉

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