WordlessWednesday IV 11-23-16

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

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    1. Thanks so much…all are regular birds on my deck or in my yard. Do you have a favorite? Even though he’s a pain in the butt to the other birds I feed every day, I get a kick out of this seagull! Having grown up in San Diego with the gulls and the pelicans, I love seeing one right outside my window here. But the crows and Hummers are still my favorites.
      These shots make me long for a real camera though, with a powerful telephoto lense, so I could get shots like Daily Musings. All I own these days is my “Gramma Cam”, a little Canon powershot….
      But every now and then, it works like a real camera…
      Thanks for the comments Mr Fish.

      1. by “regular birds” do you mean they’re just normal, regular…or do you mean they hang out there like people do in bars, for much of their time, regularly? I like the idea of gulls, but yeah…aggressive, or surly, stingy. Hummers always thrill me. Crows are scary, but they’re supposed to be omens. Woodpeckers are right up at the top of my list. What’s that thing with a blue tailend…he’s cool. Did I tell you I lived in San Diego? Did I tell you my aunt’s last name was Keith? Did I tell you I thought I might use this as a pen name: Arthur Keith?

  1. They are “regulars”, like on Cheers. The Gull is new and seems a long way from home. He’s a bully. The Hummingbirds stay year round, which makes them a serious responsibility. Like today, I woke up to snow and frozen Hummer feeders, but I always keep 2 or three going so I can replace a frozen one with a warm one from inside the house. I like to believe I’ve been feeding the same Crow family for 30 plus years. They are just too smart for me to dislike. There was a PBS documentary filmed in Seattle called A Murder of Crows. I love watching them figure out stuff. I go out on my deck every morning and “caw” and they come! The blue ended guy is a female Steller’s Jay (a northwest Blue Jay). Woodpeckers are great but in Spokane they are EATING our mountain home!! You told me the name Keith. As for a pen name, as long as it’s not SAM Keith, (former husband) I think it’s great. And I wrote a whole post for you about San Diego. Maybe you never saw it? (Crystal Pier, Maynard’s, etc.)
    There did I cover everything? whew…Great comment! Thanks.

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