Morning Dance for WPC

Morning treesDance

Every day I’m here at home, I go outside onto my deck (huge because it is actually the flat roof over my old garage) to feed my Crows. (That is another post. As I am writing this, they are yelling at me to come out there with their breakfast…but I digress from my digression…)

Each morning, I stand in the shadow of my house, facing West and the early sun hits these tree tops long before it warms my deck.

A few days ago, I noticed something. These trees, even when there is no detectable breeze, bend and sway and ripple like they are dancing. Of course, the new theme “dance” had just been introduced so I probably had that on my mind.

I have had a powerful relationship with trees though, all my life. My Dad, when I was four years old, planted a Star Pine tree in our front yard so it could “grow up with me”. I first found God sitting on a fallen tree in the forest at 4th grade church camp. Later, in my early twenties, I discovered, forgave and accepted my body, stripped naked in the Redwoods. James and I camped along Avenue of the Giants on a long Harley road trip a few years back. Heaven.

And I chose my long-time home based on its surrounding trees.

But yesterday morning…I had an overwhelming and new sensation….these trees, planted as saplings, have been dancing for me, waving at me, to say “Good Morning Kathie” for almost 40 years now.

How have I not seen this before?

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9 thoughts on “Morning Dance for WPC”

  1. I know what you mean. Last year I noticed the incredible budding/blooming process on the tree next to my deck for the first time. And I’ve lived here 43 years!

    When I moved in I could see Mt. Rainier from my top floor. But that disappeared behind growing trees decades ago.

  2. Nature talks to all of us! We all can connect to something.
    I felt the clouds were also dancing in your photo… great photo for the challenge!

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