Oh, and Badfish? They ARE real!

Met a young cousin of yours recently and decided to do one of those “proof of life” photo shoots with him.



teenage bug (Extatosoma Tiaratum)


Adult female Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bug

Then Baby Badfish asked if his girlfriend could join us. I of course, said YES, curious and all. Who do these Badfish boys date anyway??


I think she’s pretty cute, if a bit tipsy.

And a funny thing happened during our photo session. I turned my back…for just a second and look what happened!


From out of nowhere! This one just showed up! Can’t tell if she is a bug girlfriend herself or if she is lunch for my hungry bug. (Just kidding. They are definitely herbivores!)


Anyway, for real, they are REAL!

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2 thoughts on “Oh, and Badfish? They ARE real!”

  1. HA! Well, thanks for cluing me in on reality!!! Still, they are just plain gruesome to look at. Talk about evolution!! One day a bug says to itself, hey I should look more like a leaf…

  2. For sure GRUESOME!! I have spared you a close up of their heads…which are on backwards, show that they are blind, AND reveal that they have “Alien” (the movie) like, additional appendages that come out only when they are eating! YIKES!!

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