Jed Bartlet for President

I know I am a hopeless idealist.

I woke up Wednesday morning last week (11/9/16) wondering how in the world I was going to stay on my current path. How could I continue to answer my calling of the last 15 years? I’m on a personal mission to support pluralism, and fight absolutism. This came to me as the harsh lesson from 9/11.

I woke up Wednesday stuck in my absolute certainty that our new president-elect was absolutely the worst possible thing that could have happened to our country and to me!

I went back to my mantra…Ah, the magic of a Chosen Perspective, and remembered that somehow, somewhere I should be able to look at the whole thing from a different perspective…but other than reading a few hopeful posts, I remained completely disheartened.

I am nothing if not determined so I decided to search further for inspiration in making a shift. The politics of it all are lost on me so there was no help there. Next, I decided if this many people, that I share a country with, actually believe enough in Mr. Trump to have voted him into office, I’d better take a closer look at him…apart from the Reality TV version or the angry man debating Mrs. Clinton and I’d better look at those voters from a different perspective.

I watched the interview of Trump on 60 Minutes Sunday night to see what I could learn. I figured he’d be on his best behavior…and I think he actually was, but I still didn’t like him so I was surprised to feel a slight glimmer of something. Not exactly approval or even acceptance. My insides were still planning my version of a revolution. But I did see what I thought might be respect…not me for him but from him…Maybe even reverence or a kind of awe. I think actually winning may have actually touched him.

That tiny flicker, possibly just a spark of awareness in him gave me a comparable sliver of hope.

I went to sleep Sunday night thinking about two old sayings. One is “a rolling stone gathers no moss” and for me, the whole idea of Trump as my president still seemed pretty mossy so hmm, what other country could I move to??

But then I thought of my Dad. He had the most amazing trait of being able to be content anytime, any place. His favorite saying was “Bloom where you’re planted.”

Bloom with Trump??? Oh Dad, I wish you were still here to tell me how in the world to do that.

Now, here’s the woo-woo part. Guess what I dreamed Sunday night? A scene from the deliciously idealistic TV series, West Wing.

Here’s a brief context: A classically Southern Republican lawyer (stereotypical, but for her gender), much to her chagrin, gets “called” to join the White House staff. Here’s what TV Guide says about her character.

The West Wing gets a right winger as young Republican lawyer Ainsley Hayes (Emily Procter) signs on as Associate White House Counsel. She’s offered the job at the insistence of the President…

In this scene she is having a small re-union lunch with her former, fellow right-wing lawyers. She’s been at the Whitehouse for long enough now to begin seeing who these “radical Jed Bartlet liberals” really are. (Script below in case the video doesn’t work.)


Leave it to my smart-ass dreams to make me get the lesson by slapping me into the shoes of a passionate Republican, with whom I simply cannot argue.

Ah, the Magic……………..



Oh, damn. I wanted you to say it to his face. I wanted to see…
Harriet: I hate these people.
Bruce: Did you meet anyone there who isn’t worthless?
Ainsley Hayes: Don’t say that.
Bruce: Did you meet anyone there who has any – ?
Ainsley Hayes: I said don’t say that. Say they’re smug and superior. Say their approach to public policy makes you want to tear your hair out. Say they like high taxes and spending your money. Say they want to take your guns and open your borders, but don’t call them worthless. At least don’t do it in front of me. The people that I have met have been extraordinarily qualified, their intent is good. Their commitment is true, they are righteous, and they are patriots. And I’m their lawyer.


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  1. Oh for a world written by Aaron Sorkin! it was the presidency we wished we had. Then we got Obama and that was good. Now, not good. If we don’t destroy the world by blowing it up or poisoning the air and water, it will get better. Eventually. I hope I live to see it.

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