I grew up in San Diego. My bones, my very cells are trained to live in a perfect climate, with very little temperature change, and where seasons are nearly undetectable.

I have lived in Washington state for more than 40 years now and as much as I adore the natural beauty of the Northwest in all its weather phases, I still grieve, deeply, as we move into Winter. I know there is beauty and purpose in the dark months, but I will never like the cold.

Is there anything more pitiful than the very last one of the year!!



These were all taken in the last week or so…depressing to see all the final blossoms on each plant…

But here are the ones that really get to me.


sigh………….the very last apples on 30 trees! I can feel the S.A.D. creeping in…

Oh wait. This morning I spotted THIS!!


You gotta love an undefeatable Primrose!!!

OK, tomorrow, something more uplifting, I promise!