Spirit Lifters–Day 338 of being “grounded”

I guess if I had to claim my very best inherited talent, or maybe it’s learned…it’s that no matter how awful things are, if I make up my mind to, I can find something beautiful to enjoy, if only for just a minute.

I had a long, packed, painful week, and by late in the day yesterday, I was ready to crawl, defeated, into bed for the entire weekend. Oh wait, I thought. I can’t do that anymore because too many hours of proneness causes unbearable back pain.

Well, dang.

So I went for a walk…in cold, blustery, sideways rain. BUT, I had my brand new umbrella to try out…one of those clear, bell shaped ones you can see through, and that are resistant to a gust of wind sproinging it upward into a giant bowl to catch the rain, leaving you completely unprotected. (yes, I know “sproing” is not a word…but say it a couple of times, out loud. Doesn’t that sort of capture that thing that happens with a naughty umbrella??)

I hadn’t been walking for 5 minutes when something very strange and wonderful happened.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Something strange and wonderful is always happening…if I stay alert, open, and look for it.

On my walk, it was exceptionally dark out, even for the dead-of-winter, late in the afternoon, in the Northwest. It felt like nightfall.

But before I could make it back home, the light started to change, kind of rapidly, hard to ignore.


I don’t know…sometimes photos don’t do it justice when you are given a Light Show from Mother Nature.

Maybe you had to be there…

But keep your eyes and heart open. These days, the Spirit Lifters play Hide and Seek a bit, but they are there. I promise!

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