Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34: Close-Up


I love close-ups. I’m really hooked on macro and still learning the difference between the two.

I know in photography-speak, it’s about the lens but the only specifically macro lens I have is for a glorious, old Nikon film camera.

So these days, everything is just an experiment for me.

This is what my phone camera can do macro-wise. (I do love a photograph where the content is interesting, but impossible to identify.)


Sometimes, I miss what could have been a great close-up until I mess with the crop feature in my editing program, turning it into a close-up. Is this cheating?

Of course, there are those photos you never, EVER want to see any closer or bigger!


But there are the really fun shots too, like when the subject just cries out to be photographed up CLOSE!!

I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille (as in Cecil B.)

And last, but definitely not least, my favorite all-time close-up, courtesy of my dear friend Tracie!!!

output 1

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9 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34: Close-Up”

  1. This gallery is of great variety…and my favorites are the animals. The last one is a real treat! And I don’t think cropping is to cheat – it is the result that counts!

  2. I am also fascinated by the close up view. So much more to see! I don’t think cropping is cheating, although I am sometimes disappointed to find out a cropped image (of mine) is out of focus. My old film camera has a macro lens too. I am tempted to get a DSLR for this purpose. At some point. Experimenting with the phone camera is fun in the meantime.

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