Balance, eh. Makes me think of so much, although the priority for me these days is much like V.J.’s when she talks about being wobbly. Healing from a balance related fracture myself here!

But really, the most amazing feat of Balance I ever saw, I have no proof of.

Oh how I wish I had a photo. I even googled this to see if anyone else had a picture I could borrow, so I don’t wonder if this whole thing was just my imagination.

No luck finding photographic proof, but I SWEAR one time along the California coast, just below Carmel by the Sea, I saw 10 or 12 birds balanced on a telephone wire (remember those??)

Not unusual, right? Birds balanced on a wire!!

But these were Pelicans. PELICANS, with their huge webbed feet, all balanced in a row on that wire!!

You’d think the weight alone of these big birds would have snapped that wire in two.

This was pre-camera phones and anyway, I had not, at that point in my life, become obsessed with photographing birds, so it didn’t even occur to me to snap a quick one with my little point and shoot Canon. I just stood there, mouth hanging open, and watched for a long, long time.

The mot impressive part was watching them launch into flight, one or two at a time, and the remaining ones, simply riding the swinging wire. Talk about Balance!

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Here are the only photos of mine that even indirectly relate to my story.

Hope you enjoy them!


DSC_0199zoomed pelicanIMG_8006



And just for good measure, although it may not look like BALANCE is required in this last photo, we’re talking precision here!!




Can anyone tell me why the “Featured Image” is always partly cut off??

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #35: Balance

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  1. I never noticed that about the featured image – will have to pay closer attention, lol. I love pelicans! Actually all these oversized birds that can perch (or land even) on what look like impossible places. We are lucky now that we can take pics whenever the occasion arises.

  2. There is a set size for featured images in most themes. You can often find out what it is in the documentation. If you want to control the crop you can, in the new editor, choose to edit the photo when you choose it. To change the size of what shows is trickier.

  3. I don’t know if featured photos and headers are the same thing, but in my theme, when I pick my headers, the photos at the top, I have to crop them. It is part of the process of setting up the header.

  4. I did some exploring on the internet. It looks like different themes have different standards for featured images. It looks like 1024 wide and 800 high is the most common.

    So your photos are probably too big for the featured image.

    There should be a setting where you can set the size of your featured image. It may change automatically or it may give you a way to chose to crop it.

    An easier way would be to open up “Paint” on your laptop. You probably have it already or if not could probably download it. When it is up you go to File and then open up the photo you want to use.

    When it is up click resize and then chose the pixel option. Put 1024 in the horizontal box. You won’t be able to set the vertical, it will automatically come up but it will probably be close to the 800. (You can put in either horizontal or vertical size you want but not both.)

    Then save the newly sized photo. Be sure you use a different name or it will change your original photo’s size.

    Then download the new photo as your featured image. I think you will find that it will work.

    I use Paint to resize and to crop.

    Let me know if you have problems with doing these things.

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