VJWC (VJ’s Weekly Challenge) 10/22/18- theme River

Here’s my entry for VJ’s weekly challenge, River. Her’s is great and worth a visit!

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #20: River


I ran away from home when I was just a kid…I mean, a LONG way from home.

Left my beaches and my ocean in San Diego, and headed east in search of peace.

Ended up in Natchez, Mississippi, and lived with relatives I thought could save me.

I guess they did, but not how I had hoped they would.

I lived in Natchez throughout high school, learned very hard lessons about education, religion, music, politics, and friends.

Left there in search of my adult home, and for people less confusing. In the deep South, they were, and still can be, the most warm, open, loving, giving people you will ever meet…and some are also historically and genetically predisposed to be filled with hate and prejudices. Dual Realities.

But that river. She really gets under your skin and draws you back and back and back again. And I’m glad she does because without her pull, I never would have ended up with the love of my life, James. Natchez was his San Diego.

So we go to visit as often as we can. Ol Black Water, indeed. (sound track for your visit to THE River.

IMG_119612-18-06 293DSCN1239

12-18-06 295
James is home here

Natchez Reunion Band 067DSCN1303IMG_1205

a 3 brothers reunion at the River






V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #20: River

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

8 thoughts on “VJWC (VJ’s Weekly Challenge) 10/22/18- theme River”

  1. I’m not posting much these days until a big volunteer event is behind me but I’m so glad I had a few minutes to read this post. Your photos are gorgeous and I absolutely love the picture of James! Be well my friend! I’ll be back in the blogging world in a few weeks!

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  2. There is something about the Mississippi for sure. This reminds me to post the poem I wrote for it. There is quite a story to be told in running so far from home. I ran to the east coast when I was fifteen, but the life there was not much better than home, so I decided to return to the devil I did know. Life! Thanks for joining in. Love the photos. My travelling spiriting is stirring.

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  3. Inspiring story especially that you have lived through it all, well and was guided to the love of your life, James and the river. Amazing resilience. Thank you for sharing your open heart.


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