Cee’s Share Your World 3-12-18

Questions this week are great!! Very thought provoking!

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do?

Put it in the bank. That would buy us another whole year in our house!!!!

Bedraggled though she is, I adore my funky old house!


What sound or sounds do you love?

Have to agree with Cee, that it’s usually the ocean…but at this time of year it is the bird orchestra that tunes up and plays it’s Daily Opus…just before sunrise. It is truly spectacular! You probably have an orchestra in your area too. You may just need to get up early to hear it.

Love the morning songs from my local covey


What’s your middle name?  Why?

I also have a middle-name story.

I never had one as a kid. Always just Kathie Bessey. Then I found out Mr. Bessey was not my biological father. So I rebelliously took it upon myself to add my birth father’s last name as my middle name. I became Kathie Kelly Bessey. Then I married my son’s father and again, still a little miffed about the childhood deceit I experienced, dropped the Bessey and became Kathie Kelly Arcide. That Arcide guy did not stick around for long but now it was my son’s name too, so I kept it.

Then, as time passed (and I did some serious personal therapy), all was forgiven so I added back in my “real” Dad’s name and became Kathie Kelly Bessey Arcide.

One of the best stories I have ever written is about that. You can read about it here…


Dad about to “give me away”


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

Honestly, I appreciated Blogging. The whole experience. The discipline to write and post often. The wonderful new friends I’ve made. A terrific excuse to carry my camera around with me everywhere. The kick in the butt to go for a walk even when I can barely move my legs, just because I might capture a photo for my blog!

I love all of it!





Share Your World – March 12, 2018

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

9 thoughts on “Cee’s Share Your World 3-12-18”

  1. How old were you when you found out about your biological father? A friend of mine was in his 40’s when his mother told him the truth- after the man who had raised him died. It did a real number on his head. Love the wedding photo

    1. I was 13 and just enough of a teenager to really use it to rebel. Ran away at 15. Just could not get over it even though my Dad was the sweetest guy in the whole world and never ever treated me any differently. I’m so glad we resolved it early enough for me to enjoy him for many, many years. I’ve always wondered though about that biological guy!! Searched for years but his name was/is Michael John Kelly. Might as well be Joe Smith or something.

  2. Out house is bedraggled too. When you don’t have money, that’s what happens. We’ve managed to keep the basic stuff functional: head, hot water, electricity, roof, etc. But all the “cosmetic” stuff? Hell in a handbasket. But hey, we have a home and we live in it. That’s not nothing.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I also have had name changes. I have gone from Carol Smith to Carol Poole to Karuna Poole. Poole was my marriage name. When I divorced I also didn’t want to have a different name than my kids. I also didn’t want my fathers name back so I stayed with Poole. I never liked Carol so was happy in 1990 when I had the opportunity to ask Amma to name me.

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